Saturday, July 26, 2014

UltraMantis Black!

UltraMantis Black - UltraMantis Black (2014)

Part insect, Part superhero, all chaos - his is UltraMantis Black's long awaited gospel.

Indy pro wrestler and leader of the Spectral Envoy of the Final Judgment has teamed up with the noisy crew of Pissed Jeans to unleash an ultra slick yet ultimately brutal Extended Play of hardcore scriptures. The hasty, out of control soundscape over UMB's piercing vocals heavily echo late 90's-early 00's noisecore and hardcore acts such as Deadguy, The Locust, Daughters, and Gaza. Plus, you have the wrestling influence that not only comes from the Chikara Pro Wrestling alum himself but from Pissed Jeans who, before getting into noise rock, where playing wrestling-inspired powerviolence in a band known as The Ultimate Warriors. The Ultimate Warriors were smart fans or "smart marks" as the internet would call it as they not only watched good ol' WWE (or WWF at the time) but also Japanese wrestling (puroseau) companies like Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling and Big Japan Pro Wreslting as well as American Independent promotions such as Combat Zone Wrestling. That being said, it's really no surprise that the first song off this album is titled after a villainous creature from FMW, Biomonster DNA.

Being a fan of both wrestling and hardcore music, UltraMantis Black as a whole is a super gratifying experience. This release definitely blows that other wrestler with a band's new album out of the water *cough* Chris Jericho *cough*.

Highlights: "Biomonster DNA", "Prescription Culture", "Oil and Gas", Stockpiling Graves", and "West Serbian Plain".

Similar acts/sounds: The Ultimate Warriors, Pissed Jeans, Antiseen, Deadguy, Daughters, The Locust, Gaza, Yautja, Weekend Nachos, Cult Leader, Mutoid Man, and other noisy hardcore that probably don't have a masked frontman.

Relapse Records

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Toasted Plastic - TP/ST

Toasted Plastic - TP/ST (2014)

New Jersey math punkers, Toasted Plastic are back and have four new tracks for you to listen to. TP/ST is very much an extension of where 2013's June Highs left off, which I have no complaints about as June Highs was one of the coolest releases I heard last year. Don't take my hype-induced blabber for it though, listen to this yourself and see what you think. TP first-timer or not. Do it.

Toast your brain.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday 103

Local edition!

Sweet Teeth - Demo (2014)

Sweet Teeth are a riot grrrrrrrrl punk rock outfit out of Portland, Maine. They recently played with my buds in the psychedelic throwback, S.S. Cretins at The Oak & The Axe in Biddeford as well as starting the night off right at the Ramshackle Glory show a few weeks back.


Buddusky - Two of Something (2014)

Buddusky are from a part of Maine I don't hear much about. That part being Mexico, Maine. Still, Buddusky are making the once home of bingo caller/carnival barker, Ed McMahon very proud by providing simple yet cool guitar and drum music to the state.


Holy Filth - Feast On Fire (2014)


Fucking Bangor(e), Maine thrash.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

NFT's June 2014 mix

Not sure what happened to my March mix but here's a perfect summer mix for your Spotify machine I made to usher in July.

Features songs about basketball, Hannibal Buress, lots of math, summer witches, and the My Mother The Car theme song.

Enjoy and have a summah!

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Demonbrother - Beyond the Veil (2014)

Slow violence? You be the judge.

Similar acts/sounds: Ampere, Failures, Vaccine, Iron Lung, Extortion, Charles Manson, Ignominy, Loma Prieta, and other powerviolence acts at half-speed.

Bandcamp (free track)
Iron Lung Records

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Monday 102


Free To Think - Demo (2014)

Free To Think are a hardcore band from my third home, Bangor, Maine. Much like my buds Never Relaxed, they are keeping this whole hardcore scene in Maine alive and well. They also happen to be wrestling fans like myself, so I can't not talk about them. This here is their '014 demo which includes a real American outro that can't be missed:


Margy Pepper - Deep Water Dark Water (2013)

Dark and dreary pop punk rock from Olympia. A three piece possibly possessed by ghosts or some sort of modern-day witch (if that's PC). Margy Pepper are very reminiscent of another band from Olympia that I have talked about before and that band would be RAGANA. This is no coincidence either as they are best buds and do tour together.

Margy Pepper did happen to make it to Mayo Street in Portland a few months sans RAGANA.

Windmill of Corpses - Thin Walls (2014)

Windmill of Corpses are a three-piece crust metal band out of Arizona. With punchy drums and demonic howls, these guys are a guaranteed slap right smack in your little baby face. Get on this if you want to live with your beautiful baby face no more.

Great live!


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hive Bent - Dyaltov

Hive Bent - Dyaltov (2014)

Hive Bent are two individuals making noisey post hardcore punk stuff from Baltimore. Their new album, Dyatlov is an excellent source of your daily recommended noise with a touch of angst for added healing power. Plus, it's completely organic with none of the filler so its gotta be good, right?

But in all seriousness, this is some damn good noise rock. Maybe this duo will stop by sometime to play with the noisey punks that are all about sticking it to the man in the 207 area. Until then, here's Dyatlov:

Similar acts/sounds: Speedy Ortiz, Ovlov, Roomrunner, Pile, Vulture Shit, Margy Pepper, Multicult, Screaming Females, etc.