Monday, December 15, 2014

Honorly Mentions

As I begin to make my year-end lists (a favorite pass-time of mine), I always end up finding a lot of cool stuff that I either forgot about throughout the year or just completely missed my chance to post them. So, instead of just forgetting about them again, I call them honorly mentions (a play on yearly and honorable I guess) and share 'em like this:

Pink Richard - Volume 1 (2014)

Pink Richard is the side project of Jesse Gertz of the Portland electronic (now three-piece) band, Leveret. It's not too much of a stray away from the indie pop gems on Infinity released in 2012, but these stripped down acoustic visions are definitely a separate entity. A little folky, a little poppy, a little singer songwriter-y - a little Pink Richard.

There's a neat drum solo somewhere in there, too:

P.S. If you buy this (very snazzy looking) tape you get 7 separate mp3's rather than the streamable one track deal above.


Rosetta - Flies to Flame (2014)

After hearing Rosetta's 2013 release, The Anaesthete, I thought we would be getting a lot more hardcore and even less atmosphere on their next effort. Then Rosetta released Flies to Flame  last month and my predictions were all off. No, they didn't go full post rock or anything, but they brought back the atmospheric undertones that was the hooked that fished me in several years ago. Plus, this release still has the intensity that The Anaesthete was bursting at the seams with, but it's spread out again and takes its time getting there. It's vintage Rosetta.

 I'm not saying I didn't like The Anaesthete, it was one of my top albums of last year for sure, but it's almost non-canon Rosetta once you start to listen to this EP.

It's all apples and oranges in the end, and it's all good.


Bearmace - Aim Low (2014)

Bearmace are a noisy almost violent punk rock band from Montreal. The lo-fi recordings of Aim Low, released at the very beginning of 2014, really echoes the recordings of early hardcore and powerviolence. Don't let Bearmace's retro approach fool you though, this is apparently meant to be played on vinyl.

Maybe I'm just out of touch, but this sure sounds like something I would find on cassette in my friend's cooler-older-brother's room when I was 13. Too bad that scenario never existed...


Thou - Heathen (2014)

Thou play thick doomed-out metal that demands attention. Heathen is no different. Not only is this 10 track banger a major pain on my neck, it also demands me to sit down and listen to it over and over again or else I have not listened correctly. With that being said, I think Thou's Heathen has incredible listening mileage and will be an album I try to listen to a lot in 2015. It's certainly not a one listen and it's in the bag kind of album, especially not with an incredibly brutal 14 minute opener begging to be familiarized. This kicks my ass the more and more I listen to it.

  \m/ A punch in the face never felt so good \m/


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nine of Swords

Nine of Swords - I Can't Stand My Own Face (2014)

New York's Nine of Swords are the opposite of quiet. Noise rock? Screamo? Who knows. Either way Nine of Swords don't hold back on their sophomore release, I Can't Stand My Own Face featuring six distorted and loud under-four-minute punk rock surges.

Check it out:

Be sure to also check out their new single, "Violence" if you are digging what you are hearing... and everything else by them, of course.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

100 Onces - S/T

100 Onces - 100 Onces (2014)

100 Onces new self-titled debut will shred your face right off. This is math rock riding a skateboard into a bowl full of cancer-free cigarettes. A bit more punk than their last release, 100 Ounces, but that's fine by me.

Highlights: "Shredders of the Universe", "Never Change", "Etch-a-Sketch Orchestra", "Boreder Patrol", "Sr. Kate", and the rest of the album.

For fans of math rock, Tera Melos, Bygones, Los Angeles, shredding, and high energy extreme sports.


Thursday, November 13, 2014


Various Maine Artists - Cut the Shit Vol. 3(2014)

This is volume three of Mike Cunnane's super cool and completely DIY recordings of Maine bands. Some of these bands I got to see tear it up (musicly speaking, of course) at Portland music fests and special outings this summer i.e. Hopeless Losers, Babe, and TG9; some I have known for some time i.e. if and it, Mr. NEET, Great Western Plains, SS Cretins, and others i.e. Phallus Uber Alles, The English Muffins, and Fadeaway Jumpers are bands I'm listening to for the first time via this rad comp.

All the bands, as always, are completely different, so don't skip a beat if you wanna find something new to listen to. Bands like TG9 (members of Perfect Hair and An Anderson) and SS Cretins (psych throwbackers and good friends of mine) should especially be bands you'll be seeing/hearing again on this site so don't sleep on those folks.

Enough yapping from me... just check this out:

Be sure to check out the other volumes as well if you like what you hear ;)


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

NFT's October Mix (warning: spooky)

Nothing says Spooktober like watching cheesy B slashers, Nicolas Cage's Wicker Man, listening to lots of horror-influenced metal music, and trying to figure out what you do for Halloween as an adult.

I tried making last month's mix sound kind of like all those things above sans Nic Cage. There's also some modern flair that went in to this mix and some stuff that obviously was just what I happened to listen to in October. Listen and enjoy (alone and with the lights off):

Also, if you're interested in all the spooky/thrilling/suspenseful/Halloween-y stuff I watched this October, I decided to share my Spooktober views over at IMDB.  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Goblin - Suspiria

Goblin - Suspiria OST (1977)

It's the spookiest time of the year again, so listen to spooky music!

Goblin were an electronic prog rock band from Italy. Originally known as Cherry Five, the band was commissioned by director and spook-master, Dario Argento to help finish compose the music for his 1975 horror masterpiece, Profondo Rosso AKA Deep Red. With the goal of creating such a beautifully goosebumped-out soundtrack, the band needed a much cooler and darker name, apparently, so they trashed the Genesis-inspired Cherry Five name and were re-born as Goblin. After Profondo Rosso, the band were then assigned to compose all of Argento's next film, a sort of ballet of horror, Suspiria!

Suspiria is both suspenseful and beautiful - a combination of traits that also appears in the soundtrack by Goblin. I'm not going to spoil the movie for you if you haven't seen it; I'm just going to say you will be in for quite a treat this Halloween season if you do see it! It's a classic and don't let the whole ballet thing fool you. A good movie can make anything watchable (plus there's really not much ballet anyways).

Here's a taste of Goblin's "Suspiria" if you haven't already familiarized yourself with this incredible track (or the rest of the soundtrack):

Get spooked!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

MANTAR - Death by Burning

Mantar - Death by Burning (2014)

While I've been listening to plenty of hardcore lately, I really needed something metal to listen to. I'm talking dark, black, burnt metal. Luckily, I found just what I've been looking for - MANTAR!

Mantar, who might sound like ten warlocks conjuring up dark souls while riding headless horses at first, are actually a two piece straight from Hamburg, German conjuring up dark souls while riding nearly headless horses. The two pieces used in Mantar's music are the traditional weapons of choice: drums and guitars (with lots of spells cast on it). No bass, no worries; these two gents from Germany know how to keep things dark and heavy just with their essential tools of destruction.

Along with dark and heavy, Mantar also summon the spirits of gloom and doom. The doom elements plus Mantar's use of witch, Norse, and demon-themed songwriting is a perfect mix with your pumpkin spice whatever this October/Halloween season. Be warned though, Mantar's Death by Burning is also the kind of album that could lead you to raise a demon seed inside reproductive organs you didn't even know you had.

Highlights: There's really no dull moment for this 10 song epic but "Astral Kannibal", "White Nights", and "The Berserker's Path" are definitely the record's top bangers.

Similar acts/sounds: metal. Good blackened doom metal.

Side note: Ain't nothing wrong with sludge metal but these guys also don't want to be called sludge metal. I'm just tagging them as such so I remember not to call the sludge.

Bandcamp (Free "White Nights" download)
Cassette (only 4 bones!)
A Pic of Mantaur