Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Monday LXXVI

La Luna - La Luna (2013)

La Luna are a female fronted hardcore band from Calgary with a burst of violence and despair in every bite.

La Luna are also the band formerly known as Brain Fever, one of the first bands that I ever posted on a Monday post. This self titled album is actually a remixed and remastered version of said band's release from 2012.

Now they have the same name as an Indonesian easy-listening retro pop band.


Snail Party - Toppled Propane Glory (2013)

Snail Party is the full band of Mogli and friends from Halifax. They play all those really fun folk instruments like banjos and saws...


1994! - FUCK IT (2013)

1994!'s new album, FUCK IT is the nosiest noise post hardcore and math rock clusterfest ever to be recorded on an iPhone using a shitty microphone.

Despite being recorded on shit equipment in such low quality as it is, their bandcamp recommends that you not listen to the album using your crappy Macbook speakers...


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Secret Plot to Destroy the Universe - I Only Miss You When I Want To

Secret Plot to Destroy the Universe - I Only Miss You When I Want To (2012)

Man, this is just the album that I needed right now.

Emotional, gripping, aggressive yet somber, and all around riddled with sadness.

Secret Plot to Destroy the Universe is a post hardcore outfit residing in Pennsylvania. This is their release from 2012. I've already listened to it two times in the passed hour or so and have been listening to the title track, "I Only Miss You When I Want To" nonstop since I discovered it from The BIG Comp.

Track 4, "Aimless" features an amazing speech from the Charlie Chaplin talkie film, The Great Dictator (1940). This is the scene:

Other highlights: pretty much all the other songs not mentioned.

sad bastard


Friday, April 26, 2013


Boyfrndz - All Day Pass (2012)

Boyfrndz are a shoegaze-y meets math rock act reminiscent of Caddywhompus, Pterodactyl, and modern day Tera Melos. They are not Japanese.

They are also a three piece from Austin, Texas that mixes a nice layer of noise on top of their pounding drums and distorted chords. The result isn't explosive or ridiculously noisy, but rather a nice thick sounding mixture that would go great on a cake or some sort of juicy pasta.

That's right, I said it; it would go great with cake or pasta.

This is Boyfrndz most recent album entitled, All Day Pass released last September.

Highlights: "All Day Pass", "Not That Sensitive", "Moses Jones", "Surfs Up", and "Closer".

Band members of Boyfrndz are also in these bands: East Cameron Folkcore, Tornahdo, Feuding Fathers, Bridge Farmers, and We The Granada.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday LXXV

Still Monday somewhere...

Iron Chic - Spooky Action (2013)

Spooky Action is Iron Chic's (Long Island, NY pop punk) new 7incher for their European tour this year. It features three tracks including a Butthole Surfers cover that also contains a sample of "Suicide is Painless" - the theme to M.A.S.H.

The Butthole Surfers cover is "Goofy Concern".


Elvis Depressedly - Holo Pleasures (2013)

Fuzzy lo-fi from Matt Cothran (who is also Coma Cinema). This is his new album, Holo Pleasures under the  Elvis Depressedly name.

Fans of Coma Cinema, monotone singing, lo-fi recordings, short songs, Teen Suicide/Julia Brown, and cigars will most definitely hate Elvis Depressedly.

Also, be on the look out for Coma Cinema's new album rumored to be released in May.


Mark Daniels - Emotional Chi: A Tribute to Life Without Buildings (2011)

Emotional Chi is a remix album using only songs from Life Without Buildings' super underrated album, Any Other City (2001).

Mark Daniels puts a nice spin on the already catchy song styles of Sue Tompkins, a musician I happened to find at the height of my Scottish accent addiction a had a few years back. So catchy!

These remixes are sure to put at least a little pep in your step today.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston Marathon Relief Mixtape

various artists - Boston Marathon Relief Mixtape (2013)

Another great chance to support Boston in a music related way!

This mixtape, curated by Allston Pudding - a Boston-based music blog - features even more music than The BIG Comp posted below. Fifty five more songs to be exact!

It's awesome to see so much support for Boston and how quickly people have responded to the events this week.

This mixtape of varying acts (that I'm familiar with at least) includes: Speedy Ortiz, Devil and a Penny, Mean Creek, The Box Tigers, Bearstronaut, Old Abram Brown, Royal Wedding, and even Maine's own, Brenda. Like I said though, there's a lot of music on this mix... 130 songs (that's like 7 mixtapes) in all. There's bound to new gems and discoveries. Donate and discover:

All proceeds go to The One Fund Boston!

Allston Pudding

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The BIG Comp - Benefiting Boston this week!

various artists - The BIG Comp (2013)

The BIG Comp is a 75-musician compilation that was put together by the caring folks at PropertyOfZack, Big Footprints, and Lame-O Records earlier this month. This album was initially created to help get the word out and donate to The Natural Conservancy - a non-profit organization helping to reforest the world - but from today until April 22, all proceeds to The BIG Comp will go to the Red Cross to benefit those injured in the events that took place yesterday during the Boston Marathon.

Yes, tragedy has struck America once more this week. That just means we have to help and support those in need and to comfort the families that have either lost a love one - or in need of prier for those recovering.

Plus, did I mention this compilation comes with 75 songs by 75 different musicians?

Lame-O Records

Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday LXXIV

I learned how Roman numerals work today.

Cape Farewell - Now That We've Redrawn Our Maps, The Trees Don't Seem So Close Together (2012)

Angsty emo from Maniasses, Virginia touching on important topics and lifestyles such as Hayao Miyazaki films and the Mothman.


Mallory - Strange Homes (2010)

Mallory are a folk punk band from Amherst, Ma. Strange Homes, their release from 2010, features a lot of goodies including an Animal Collective folk punk cover and a nod to Mogli in the opening of "The Tide".

This album is definitely quenching by folk punk thirst I've been having for the past couple of weeks.

Also, according to their Bandcamp, Mallory may also be reuniting this summer to record a new album.


Mylets - Colossal Grin (2011)

Mylets is a one man math rock-ish act with lots of looping and nice little twinkles. That one man is named, Henry Kohen. Kohen recently signed with Sargent House, one of the top math rock labels, and will most likely be the next big thing in the math rock game anytime now.

Kohen, along with getting himself signed to a snazzy record label, will also be releasing a new album soon. No tracks have been recorded yet, but Kohen has played brand new songs via a Glassroom Session that may be included on the album. One of the songs he performs is "Ampersand" which is also a great example of how this guy makes his music all by himself only using a guitar, a drum machine, loop peddles, and a microphone. Check it out!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Act of Estimating as Worthless - Circadian Tremors

The Act of Estimating as Worthless - Circadian Tremors (2013)

It's a shame how long I forgot about The Act of Estimating as Worthless. Good thing I am on the Birthquake Records mailing list where I not only rediscovered this beautiful band, but also heard about their new album, Circadian Tremors.

Thanks internet!

Circadian Tremors is a 6 song journey through the vocal chords of Zoe Grant and Matthew Van Asselt. It's the kind of music that tries to hug you and - while you are usually not okay with random hugs or close encounters - it hugs you anyway...

But it's alright because it's really good at hugging and your body is infinitely ready.

This album and The Act of Estimating as Worthless all around are perfect for this transition into Spring. Which, for me at least, is really just that awkward and confused season before summer.


Monday, April 8, 2013


RIP Margie

Gimme Goldar - Dizzep (2013)

Had me at Goldar.

Some noisy music spasms by Portland folk. Recorded on location at 131 Washington Ave.

Spoiler alert: they don't sound like Goldar...


Safe - Safe EP (2010)

Safe is Chris "CF" Edley. Edley plays very elegant lo-fi-ish pop music recorded in secret basements for secret basements.

Safe will be playing with groovestep Portland acts, Glass Fingers, Altered Gee, and Conjjjecture at the Darkmouth Castle on the 19th (house on Dartmouth Street in Portland. Just follow the noise).

Rumor has it that this will be Glass Fingers' last performance as Glass Fingers. I don't know what this means but most likely will lead to more surprises ahead.


Moon Bandits - Action Changes Thinking (2013)

Moon Bandits are another, but less aggressive sounding, anarcho-punk outfit with acoustic instruments hailing from the west coast. If you enjoy or attended the Blackbird Raum (the anarcho-punk band I introduced last week) show last Friday night at The Oak + The Ax and had yourself a real doozy of a time, I highly recommend giving Moon Bandits a listen.

Or, if you are in town Wednesday night, you can just go check them out at Dobra Tea (that tea place above Bullmoose/Video Port on Middle Street) for yourself!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

NFT's March Mix

Just finished up this bad boy!

NFT March mix:


If you are a Spotify user like me, I would highly recommend checking out The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die's already super rad mix that they've been working on called, The World is a Beautiful Mixtape. It's got lots of goodies!

Side note: It's always been an internet dream of mine to be able to post mixtapes sent in by bands that I could host exclusively for NFT. Someday maybe, someday.

Anyways, enjoy!

Monday, April 1, 2013


April Fools!

NFT is not dead!

Dying - A History of Nothing (2012)

Vegan straight edge hardcore?

Sounds like good ol' meaty hardcore to me.

From Philly.

Hydrogen Man Records

You Slut! - Grit Eyed & Greasy Tailed EP (2006)

Grit Eyed & Greasy Tailed is a three song EP released by the instrumental post/prog/math/rock band, You Slut! in 2006.

Along with the links above, you can also DL all the tracks off of Last.fm.


Blackbird Raum - Swidden (2008)

Instead of describing what Blackbird Raum sound like, I will instead list what they want people to know doesn't sound like them: Gypsies, Pirates, Old Time-y, Gogol Bordello, or Defiance, Ohio.

Get the picture?

They play folk punk or "anarchopunk on acoustic instruments", yes, but that doesn't mean that it sounds like that other stuff listed above. They are clearly trying to make their own sound and, in this day and age, that can be kind of tricky. I reward them for making completely different and original music, but it is almost impossible not to be compared to other things when there is so much of everything for music and genres these days...

These guys are playing a show at The Oak and The Ax in Biddeford, Maine this Friday with Butcher Boy and Speaker for the Dead, two totally rad folk-whatever bands that are turning the stereotypes of "folk punk" music on its pirate-y, old time-y gypsy head. I hope to make it to the show and you should too if you're into this kind of stuff.

I hope all of what I just said makes sense as well.

Official site