Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday XXIV

Everybody do the Warner Bros. Family Entertainment trademark owned region beyond the earth's atmosphere jamboree. It's Monday.

Brave Bird - Ready or Not EP (2010)

Brave Bird is a twinkly emo punk band from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I did some research on Ann Arbor and learned that it is the sixth largest city in Michigan, home of The University of Michigan, and that people from Ann Arbor are called Ann Arborites or townies for the long-termers.

Every track on Ready or Not brings something new to my ears. The vox are nothing I haven't heard before but then again, that's not all they are going for or have to offer. I can't say there is ever a dull moment but I never get more excited then when I hear the first 30 minutes of Scared Enough.


Treehouse - Treehouse (2011)

Emotionally aggressive and constantly moving, Treehouse brings some life back in to the SLC punk scene.

That's what it would sound like if they needed a really cool quote for the back of their autobiography.

I did some research on Salt Lake City and learned that it is most populous city in Utah, the 45th state and 34th most populous in the US. All the High School Musicals, Independence Day, and Touched by an Angel have all been recorded in Salt Lake City.

My favorite track has to be "Processing..." and it's little whistle solo in the middle there.

Caddywhompus - Remainder (2010)

Caddywhompus mix the ever indulgent sound of noisy pop with the even more indulgent midnight cravings of psychedelic music. Luckily for us, the two gentlemen behind the control pannel of this spiraling out of control music machine gloss on a layer of distortion and lo-fi soot just so our brains don't explode from clean beauty and art. I'm not hating on them for keeping a lo-fi sound where things could just be heard loud and clear and still have the say outcome. That's really no big deal. It's also what sets them apart from the rest in a way, I would have to say...

I gave these guys an honorable mention last year as one of the more interesting pieces of work in 2011 with their release of The Weight, a mention they rightfully deserve in my book. Their 2010 full length, Remainder is just as exciting and definitely something to go all music nerd about.

Jordaan Mason & the Horse Museum - Divorce Lawyers I Shaved My Head (2009)

I first learned about Jordaan Mason and his capability of playing some deep folk music from CLLCT and the scattered tracks of his that are up on the current site. My attention wasn't totally attached my this guy all that much, that is, until I heard Divorce Lawyers I Shaved My head, a truly complex tell of "failed marriage between two people of confused genders and identities" along with a bunch of popular topics such as glandolinian war, swallowing shotguns, horses, shaving your head, vomiting and the 1990 apocalypse. With all these different themes it's bound to keep me listening just to figure it all out.

The First time I heard Divorce Lawyers I Shaved My Head was definitely like the first time I heard Neutral Milk Hotel's In An Aeroplane Over the Sea, not just because they both feature singing saw (which I love), stories that only Mason and Mangum could understand, requires a bunch of extras to sit around until they can play a few simple notes on their horn or that the dark depths of the internet eat shit like this up for breakfast - A breakfast that consists of Cookie Crisp and Haterade - but eaten up completely none the less. The internet loves to hate and hates to love things like this; a work of art that no one can really relate to... except (and maybe not even them) it's creator.

That's what I heard at least.


Friday, February 24, 2012

LITE - Phantasia

LITE are another really classy and talented math rock act from Tokyo, Japan. They play a little bit more of a progressive bass heavy math rock sound than say, toe or té but then again are not as spastic or weird as Nuito, Melt-Banana, Boredoms or acts of those kind. LITE still have the post rock elements behind them to be compared to the math rock type like Enemies or Adebisi Shank, while being able to perform with acts like Pelican, MONO and World's End Girlfriend.

But enough of all this name dropping. LITE play some amazing math rock with all the workings and fixings of a full rock band. They have plenty of sound and plenty of energy to keep you interested. I like to think they also have a bit of a contagious sound. One listen to these guys as a math rock fan and they will be instant heavy hitters. Even if are not a huge fan of math rock, I would still have to say that these guys are very audible and easy to follow. If following is your thing...

LITE - Phantasia (2008)

Favorite track: Ghost Dance (yes we get... more like: 1-800-Ghost-Dance)

Similar artists/sounds: Enemies, Rega, té, Pretend, About Tess, toe, unkie, and a lot more Japanese and math rock acts.

I always forget to check out these guys other stuff, especially their newer releases, Turns Red (EP) (2010), Illuminate (2010) and last year's release, For All the innocence (2011).

Official site

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NFT's Got You Covered! With Captain Chaos

This weeks cover album of the week comes from Captain Chaos (AKA Chris Clavin born Christopher Johnston but his name wasn't punk enough AKA that guy who's not as squirrelly as Spoonboy and not as cute as Matty Pop Charts AKA that guy with the devilock from Ghost Mice). In 2006, Chris released a CD-R limited to 51 copies called Your Bright Eyes Are Gonna Kill Me For Sure. And while it is an album full of covers of Bright Eyes, The Mountain Goats and originals, it's mostly about how much Chris loves Bright Eyes. I'm not sure if I even like the album to be honest as I've got that syndrome that probably a lot of young men have where I just want to put my fist through a wall anytime I hear Bright Eyes song... not because I've hear every song by Conor on Pandora, he stole his sound from Dave Dondero or a kid who looked and sounded just like him stole my lunch, not just my lunch money, but my whole lunch back in the fifth grade. No! Because of girls man. Girls will break your heart, take your stuff and go out with your best friends all while listening to Bright Eyes, that guy you showed them to impress them with your extensive knowledge of things that girls will like instantly. But I digress and realize that not everything is about me...

Just kidding that never happened to me...

Captain Chaos - Your Bright Eyes Are Gonna Kill Me For Sure (2006)

The covers from the folk punk DIY acoustic musician (sometimes with friends) includes 9 Bright Eyes jams, two versions of The Mountain Goats' "Flight 717 To Denmark" (which features the lyrics "your bright eyes render all discussion" and "your bright eyes are gonna kill me for sure" (the origin to the title)) and The Extra Glenns (Nothing Painted Blue + The Mountain Goats) song "Going to Marrakesh. The track listing version that is on Bandcamp (different than the one I have had on my iTunes) breaks the album down like this: The Mountain Goats cover first version, track 2 "I Sing For You" explaining Chris's love for Bright Eyes and basically the reasons he would want to cover such an artist, track 3-11 various Bright Eyes covers from Fevers and Mirrors ("A Scale, A Mirror...", "Something Vague", "A Song to Pass the Time" and "An Attempt to Tip the Scales" without that awkward radio interview drenched in satire at the end), Lifted or... ("You will. You Will?"), I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning ("Landlocked Blues") the EP Every Day and every Night ("A Perfect Sonnet"), Don't Be Frightened of Turning the Page EP ("Oh, You Are the roots...") and Drunk Kid Catholic single ("I've Been Eating for You" listed as "Basket Ball"). Track 12 is a song about moving to Florida, "Sunset State" and the opening mentions that the covers are over and all he has for now. Track 13 is the Extra Glenns cover and 14-17 is more originals. The album then ends with the Alt. Version of "Flight 717 To Denmark".

All the covers are done in perfect Captain Chaos fashion; acoustic guitar, constant strumming and DIY recording. My favorites have to be "Landlocked Blues", "A Perfect Sonnet" which was probably one of my favorite Bright Eyes songs at one point, "An Attempt to Tip the Scales", both the Mountain Goats covers and The Extra Glenns cover. Most of the covers are actually pretty good and I knew they would as Chris usually does a fine job putting classics in the acoustic punk chokehold (check out "The Fool". It includes Leonard Cohen's "Chelsea Hotel" and Stephin Merritt's "The Book of Love". The Fool also has a song about how Batman sucks and my favorite CC track "The Simpsons", but that stuff is for a different post some day and not for this little side track bubble).

The track "I Sing For You" reminds a lot like "The Mount Eerie Show" by A Drum and an Open Window. Not just that they both detail a time when they say their favorite band play live but that I had a chance to see Bright Eyes and Mount Eerie once in my life (not at the same show) but didn't get to. I wasn't too bummed I missed the Bright Eyes show... I missed it to see Dan Deacon!

Even if you don't like Bright Eyes, I think you should still check out this Captain Chaos drop. It's free...

Plan-it-x (I know I know)

The Exploration

The Exploration are a band that play some sweet twinkly stuff. Kyle the lead singer uses the Michigan singing/poetry reading approach as La Dispute and Victor! Fix The Sun have to bring in a really cool sound that is both moving and groovy. The music itself is somewhere in the middle of those bands; not as heavy but still pretty noodly and technical. Not super technical though, just technical sounding.

They have only released two demos, Basement Demo and Summer Demo. Winter Demo is in the progress now as Kyle and gang (or maybe just Kyle...) began to work and build on new ideas. Hopefully there is a EP in this bands future and a tour to the Northeast. ;)

Basement Demo (2009)

Favorite tracks: All four of 'em!

Summer Demo (2009)

all three of 'em on this one!

Similar artists/sounds: Victor! Fix the Sun, Palmkite, My Head in Clouds, Merchant Ships, Native, Old Gray, stopsigns and The Exploration.

Bandcamp (with Winter Demos)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday XXIII

Happy Monday and happy Dead Prez day, everybody.

High Pop - Hippie Speed Ball (2011)

More like High Poop.

Lo-fi garage surf rock stuff. Like it was recorded in a high school gym. Very fuzzy...

Nails - Unsilent Death (2010)

Heavy and quick hardcore that people like to make up genres for.

Perfect for listening to while finishing off a bowl of nails for breakfast to get your day going.

Unsilent Death (the song) gets me so fired up! Ungodly riffage galore!

Glue! - Glue! (2009)

Glue! is/was a punk band that features Erica Feas of RVIVR and Hooky. Glue! is much more straight forward punk than her other bands and her custom scratchy vox are less clean and harder to understand. Still a cool listen if you enjoy things associated with RVIVR, however and it's only four tracks...

Rumbletowne Records (for live track)

Evian Christ - Kings And Them (2012)

Evian Christ (real name Joshua Leary) is a rising producer of some pretty dark hip hop beats. He started off posting his stuff on the Youtubes (which he has since taken down) and is now on super hip label Tri-Angle Records. I usually don't like anything from a record label with acts that have triangles, crosses, a bunch of O's or boring music in them, not just because they look really pretentious, but because I don't really like boring music and don't have time to constantly try to get in to them because it's just not rewarding in the end. Evian Christ, though, caught my attention instantly with his eerie/cloudy soundscape, deep bass and sparse rapping (mostly sampled) that is right up my alley these days. It's simple but I really like it!

I've been seeing a little bit of hype for this guy and every time I do, I always seem to see a comment that reads something like, "why do people like this, it sounds like that other stuff?" and I can't seem to agree. I still find Evian Christ pretty different. He's no Clams Casino or Blue Sky Black Death but he surely makes music that I want to listen to...

So take that.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fang Island

Fang Island - Fang Island (2010)

Fang Island is a hell of a drug if bands were drugs. In 2010, Fang Island came out with an album called Fang Island that was pure high-dive high-five pumped up rock n roll with exploding Bruce Springsteen guitars and "if your team wins we riot" resilient drumming. The album kicks of with crackles of fireworks and electro-organ to began, almost as if this whole "everyone high-fiving everyone" mentality was pump up music for the after party; victory lap rock you could even call it as you peel your face off the wall while the last song is nearing a close. I'd call it some kind of celebratory Andrew WK math rock hybrid if they didn't actually get Andrew WK to sing on a track called "Patterns On The Wall" (a Joe Buzzell cover not featured on this release but on a special edition 7 incher) and even played along side Andrew as he performed "I Get Wet" in NYC during Fang Island's CD release party @Santos Party House (which was hosted by Andrew WK himself). If not only being compared to Andrew WK but also playing with him and having him host your CD release party doesn't get curious about a band then... what about a band that also played a show for kindergardeners in their place of origin, Providence, Rhode Island:

It's just not possible to ignore them. If only they got as much hype as they did in 2010 for a few seconds there... I almost didn't find these guys at all back in 2010 though, as it was the height of Witch House and thousands of bands were coming out with two noun names and such. 

It probably doesn't help their case either that the band features the guitarist from the noisy mathcore band, also from Rhode Island, Daughters! Nicholas Andrew Sadler. Trading in a life of a noisecorer with a life of an infectious group-hug vibe* indie rocker (*as Pitchfork called it, I guess). 

Some of my favorite tracks have to be: "Daisy", "Life Coach", "Sideswiper", "The Illinois" and "Welcome Wagon". The last song also ends with the firework crackling/organ churning effect as the first song had to signify an end... the only way something this energetic and American could, of course. 

Similar Artists/sounds: Daughters, Andrew WK, Titus Andronicus, Adebisi Shank, Battles, You Slut!, Finn Riggins, Pterodactyl, and Delicate Steve... 

sorry no DLssssssssssssssss

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

NFT's Got You Covered! Musicals!

Songs From Musicals: A CLLCT Compilation (2011)

Here's a really interesting compilation from the DIY and bedroom artists of CLLCT, a nice little place where artists of relatively small exposure share their music to their friends, fellow musicians, and, well, us! CLLCT has a lot of sound cover compilations that will probably make their way on to this blog someway or another. That is, if they keep open or not. Some days it is there and others it is mysteriously vanished. Poof! Gone with the wind.

Song From Musicals is exactly what it says it is. 15 or so Lo-fi, indie, acoustic bands playing covers of songs featured in musicals. Who doesn't love musicals? Don't answer that. Whether you like musicals or not, I think you'll enjoy this compilation and the renditions that were put on by artists such as Carlz Barkely, Your Yellow Dress, Dipstick & Eggnog, Surprise Big Yawn, failedsitcom and Garden On A Trampoline AKA G.O.A.T. AKA James Eric (whom up'd this comp for us).

For the musical picks we've got high school musical classics like: Beauty and the Beast, Jesus Christ Superstar, Wizard of Oz, Les Mis, Music Man, and Sound of Music (bonus track). Classic musical films  like Pete's Dragon, The Muppet Movie (yes, I conceder those two classics), Little Shop of Horrors, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, Torch Song, My Fair Lady, Xanadu and films and musicals in the between like Woody Allen's Everyone Says I Love You, Elton John and Tim Rice's Aida, and the cult classic Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I know, no Cats or Guys n Dolls... but hey! There is supposed to be a volume two in the works! So be crossing those fingers, boys...

I really got to give it to James Eric for this one. Along with uploading the compilation to the website, he also contributed three covers (plus one more as a bonus)! And they are all good! My favorite has to be "Movin' Right Along" from the Muppet Movie, originally sung by Kermit and Fozzie. It is nice to see something other than The Rainbow Connection (and "It's Not Easy Bein' Green" but that song didn't rear its ugly head in the 1979 Muppet flick) covered these days.

Some of my other favorites from the bunch have to be: "Midnight Radio" (Hedwig) by One Tough Cookie, "What Have I Done?" (Les Miserables) by Kelly Latimore, "Something There" (Beauty and the Beast of which I totally went to the 3D showing a couple weekends ago!) by Carlz Barkley, and "I Swear I Saw a Dragon" (Pete's Dragon) by Dipstick & Eggnog.

Check this out for sure! (GOAT) (CLLCT)

P.S. I'm really surprised I did not make any musical jokes I may have regretted later.

Like: I may have been in the marching band but at least I wasn't in the musical.



Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day Bonuses

Also officially released today was this interesting little label sampler by small time Connecticut record company, Seagreen Records. This is their first release that features some really indie kids also from Connecticut (or not) such as The Gurus, High Pop, Boy Crush, Major Bummer, Bear Mountain, Madson and more!

Seagreen Records - Singles on Valentine's Day (2012)

Seagreen Records


Glass Fingers released a really sweet electronic version of Mr. Sandman today for his lover and we all get to share the goodness!

Bandcamp (freebie)

NFT's Got You Covered comes early this week!

Happy Valentines Day

Happy V-day.

Here's something for you and your significant other or self to enjoy on this most intimate day:

Dirty South Joe & Flufftronix - Luvstep <3 (2012)

Every year mix/compilation/DJ/electronic/dubstep artists Dirty South Joe & Fluffronix come out with a little over an hour mix that explores the sensual side of dubstep and electronic music. This is the third year of their "Luvstep" project of which really kicks Valentines Day off with a bang for lovers of dubstep. But for me, the music isn't even the best part. No, honestly it's their teasers that they put up each year to, well, tease us with what they've got for showcasing artists. How they do it? They put it in a classic romantic film scene.

Exhibit A is this year's teaser featuring some smooth dub stuff over a very steamy scene from Ghost. The one where ghost Swayze gets his mack on with Demi Moore with a clay wheel thingy:

Exhibit B is my personal favorite. It's the first Luvstep teaser and features my favorite lovey dovey flick, Say Anything. This time, instead of Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" roaring from Cusack's ghetto blaster, we hear a very seduction and wobbly dubstep track to tempt his lover back into his arms:

The mix itself this year is actually really moving and features some familiar names such as Click & Whistle, Evol Intent, Clams Casino, Flufftronix himself, Ellie Goulding and Skrillex. But get this, the Skrillex song doesn't suck or curse the name of mainstream dubstep. Plus there are tons of other bands and tracks just waiting to be discovered. Like "Love Is On Your Side" by Sinjin Hawke, "Everything To Me (The Adventure Club Remix)" by LIPS, "Strange Behavior" by Feed Me Featuring Tasha Baxter and of course, the opening masterpiece "It Gets Better" by Mad Decent labelee (if that's a phrase) Derek Allen of which goes perfectly into the next track ("Life" by Kotez).

The mix can be DL'd as one big continuous MP3 or split up the way I like my mixes. Because I'm selfish and like individual tracks... Does that really make me such a bad person? Really?


I don't always listen to Dubstep

But when I do, It's usually Luvstep

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday XXII

Get your Monday on.

Next time I have to pour coffee, I'm going to flip shit.

Fugue - Ancient Glass (2009)

Instrumental math rock and progressive frustration a la Enemies and Time Columns. Broke up last October after a tour with Tera Melos and Melt-Banana. They were from connecticut.

Oh and they used Matrix samples.

Tigers Jaw - Tigers Jaw (2008)

You know what's good.

Tigers jaw are an indie rock band that mix emo and pop punk to bring you the hits of your teenage angst years back. I'm serious.

Think Blank 182 but after 2005 and not Blank 182.


Playtime Posse - Summertime Sounds of the Playtime Posse (2010)

No, it is not summer yet for all you present readers, but yes, this is the rap project by Pat the Bunny and friends (Filthy T, Count Compost, China White and K.C. AKA the Big Chomp AKA Big Creep or Kick the Gong Entertainment).

To me, P the B in the hip hop game is not too uncommon. I mean if you think about it, punx and gangstaz have a lot in common, truthfully. They both like smoking weed, fucking things (i.e. the police, shit up, the government, women and the food pyramid), doing what they wanta, referencing the third eye, balling hard (four square that is) and eating breakfast all day.

It's goofy, features some pretty cheap and DIY beats, probably the outcome of a silly night pretending to be rappers and free mic time, and fucking Pat the Bunny. Why not listen to it?



Junior Astronomers - I Just Want To Make A Statement (2010)

Regardless of how kiddy their name and artwork look here in this context, Junior Astronomers are out to prove that rock n roll isn't dead (or even indie rock for that matter), it's just kicking around in the dirty south somewhere.

Junior Astronomers have that southern tinge and naturally noisy energy that really got me into broadening my horizons musically that bands such as Dead Confederate, All Get Out, The Whigs, Colour Revolt and even Manchester Orchestra did. And boy have I been missing that kind of raw energy in my music!

These guys have definitely caught my attention almost immediately! I hope they catch yours too. It's pretty damn rewarding music.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

NFT's Got You Covered! with Twinkle Daddies + more

Well this was not my original idea for the cover post today but the thing I wanted to post seems to not exist in the form I would like it to. I'll probably post it on a later date with no link to a DL or Bandcamp,  just a Bandcamp Scrobbler I found that still hosts the material I am desiring to show. So, until then I do have something really cool to post and it's really cool. Did I mention it's really cool? Well, It is.

Biff Swenson Presents: Cover Up: A Covers Compilation (2011)

No. This is not an official album. But it is a sick compilation full of bands that play that twinkly emo punk stuff that is really cool these days. And whether you like the term "Twinkle Daddies" or just "rad music by rowdy teenager in cut offs and vans that want to come play in your dingy basement, get rowdy drunk, break your lamp, gather more beer money for their next show and leave"... They do got that special something-something in their playing that seems to just, well... twinkle.

As I was leeching around trying to find something else to post than my original intention, I decided I'd check out the very helpful and perfect site for this task, Cover Me. Cover Me have got their shit together when it comes to finding all the current covers around from today, tomorrow and yesterday. I was looking around on their site for a bit until I came across some freebies that I feel like I was meant to remind myself to grab and ended up forgetting. One of the freebies was this bad boy; a stellar compilation compiled by music lover and label man, Biff Swenson. Familiar names like Chalk Talk, 1994!, By Surprise, Boys & Sex, Dads and Quiltary, Algernon Cadwallader scatter the mix with picks of tracks from artists like underground legends and big name indie acts: Guided By Voices, Pedro the Lion, Pavement, NMH, DC for C, Pixies to big names and stars: Bruce Springsteen, Beastie Boys, Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Velvet Underground to newbies, oldies and inbetweeners: Snowing (yep, being covered not covering), Phoenix, The Big Boys, and Squeeze. Even the unfamiliar names like Static Sex, The Not Fur Longs, It's a King Thing, and Omeed Goodarzi that play more of an acoustic/singer-songer style or just not "twinkly" do a great job with their respective cover. So much so that they almost tramp the bigger names they are lined up with.

Although this is a compilation curated by Biff Swenson, a lot of the songs were actually either exclusively for the project or never before released. The only tracks not exclusive are Chalk Talk's, Grime Slide's, and The Consecos's.

It was pretty sweet of Biff Swenson for putting this comp together and putting it out here on the internet!

I'd also thank Cover Me for helping me find this gem, but they called the 1994!'s sixty one second Beastie Boys' cover a misfire. I don't mean to nit-pick or jump to conclusion/troll/overreact or any of that stuff but this is punk era Beastie Boys before they made it okay for white boys to rap. 1994! played the cover spot on and in perfect punk rock fashion! Fast, short and to the point! They didn't even throw in any math rock or screamo flair (not that that's a bad thing) that could off-set someone who tends to listen to a lot more contemporary music.

If I had to pick my least favorite bits of the mix, I would have to go with the Phoenix cover by Nicholas Gianatiempo and The Death Cab For Cutie cover by Grime Slide because I hate -HATE- vocoders. If I had the chance to create a perfect world out of the one we have now, I wouldn't get rid of vocoders. no, instead I would only let Robert Schneider of The Apples in Stereo (and Robbert Bobbert for the children) use the effect and have all the other offenders of said instrument banished to the underworld, which would then be a tiny room that only played music by Linkin Park, Nickelback and Coldplay and the song "Someone Like You" by Adele. There's a door to escape but the handle is too hot to touch and only makes the music louder.

My favorites have to be: "Gold Soundz (Pavement)" - Dads, "Wouldn't It Be Nice (Beach Boys)" - Chalk Talk,  "Gigantic" - Boys & Sex, and "Motor Away (Guided By Voices)" - By Surprise.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday XXI

Monday's all grown up! Go drink the weekend away! Stay safe Monday!

The Act of Estimating as Worthless - Among These Splintered Minds//Leaden Thoughts Sing Softly (2012)

The Act of Estimating as Worth are a really splendid indie folk band from New York. The duel vocals of Zoe and Matt are very cute in a Good Luck sort of way and remind me of some kind of Kimya Dawson project like Moldy Peaches or Antsy Pantsy but with a frontman like Bill Callahan or David Berman. It's much more relaxed than Dawson overall though and, while songs like "My Left Thumb" and "Nickels and Dimes" are very cute, there is still a bit of a "hey this is just a song and I want to sing it without trying to 'awwww' you" type of attitude. If that makes any sense.. 

I guess cute wasn't a good adjective.

Among These Splintered Minds//Leaden Thoughts Sing Softly is due out on Cassette February 24th. You can get if for free at their bandcamp, however, if you do not have a cassette player or walkman anymore. You should probably get one of those if you want to be cool though...

La Quiete - La fin non è la fin (2004)

Think Italian Daitro or Raein's drummer's other band. Very screamo. Very real. Very emotional. Very Italian.

Why? - Elephant Eyelash (2005)

I guess I'll diversify this Monday post a little more with one of my all time favorite bands, Why? Why? Why not?!

The indie rock band with a little pep in their step's classic, Elephant Eyelash from the year 2005 is right up there with Alopecia (for me at least and probably many others). The thing I love about Why? is that I can hear a track from them I haven't yet, went to hear again a minute later and then let it become my new favorite. Elephant Eyelash is a prime example of this. Where it lacks in standout tracks that Alopecia had like "Vowels Pt. 2" and "The Hollows", Elephant Eyelash lets you enjoy tracks like "Gemini (Birthday Song)" and "Fall Saddles" that while aren't super over produced become really lovable growers. Once you listen to the album you will want to go back and listen to it again. The standout track in Elephant Eyelash would have to go to "Rubber Traits". The dark horse; "Act Five". "Act Five" might be my favorite Why? track that'll probably never get the respect it will deserve. Especially with superb lyrics like "All the people who taught me card tricks are dying/I've been trying/To steal my grandfather's handsome from old photographs". That line gets me every time.

Damn, I actually had to listen to that song two times in a row right after mentioning it! So good.

And since the New York Giants won that fantastic puppy bowl last night... Here's their other release:

Giants - They, The Undeserved (2007)

Very similar to Old Stories but with a little more glock.

"Withered Life: Communal Rhythm", "Under the New Sun" and "Steps In Static Progression" definitely have to be standout tracks on this one. Listen to them all though!

Great job.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


You guys like football?

I should have named this blog Nostalgia For Later so it could have the same initials as the NFL. That's how much I like football!

Super Bowl Sunday is here and I got some music that will surely pump you up for this glorious time of year!

American Football - American Football (1999)

Mike Kinsella (brother of Tim Kinsella) does an amazing job mixing a beauty of sound with emotion and delicate technicality. Along with Steve Lamos the drummer from the short lived math rock band, The One Up Downstairs, and Steve Holmes, American Football played some really chill music... About Football...

Many of their fits include: "You Know I Should Be Leaving Soon For the Big Game", "I'll See You When We're Both Not So Emotional Because Neither of Our Favorite Teams Made it Into the Super Bowl", "Stay Home. That Way You Can Watch the Funny Commercials and Then Put on Something Else When The Half Time Show Comes On" and many many more!

Friday Night Lights Soundtrack - Explosions in the Sky and Various Artists

From NFL to FNL

Explosions did this nation and West Texas a great deed when they excepted the challenge to score the great 2004 football smash hit, Friday Night Lights. Nothing says football like slow crescendoing into an onslaught of crash cymbals and whaling guitars. Actually though, a lot of the songs don't get to the crashing part and go nowhere, which I prefer at this point. They also took their stand out track from The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place, "Your Hand in Mine", shortened it and put some strings to it. Why? Football is why!

The Soundtrack also comes with a track by Bad Company called "Seagull" and two more by Daniel Lanois and David Torn.
Official site

Giants - Old Stories (2008)

Even though I might be rooting for the other team tonight, the Giants do play some stunning post rock. Something about post rock and football...

Play ball!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Hate Myself

I Hate Myself - 10 Songs (1997) (rereleased in 2000)

I Hate Myself were an emo band. They were not where emo (the phrase at least) that bled over into pop (mall) punk territory, sheltered itself in black clothes, and only aloud itself one eye to see out of. No, I Hate Myself is probably as real as it gets and more. Don't let the name fool you. I Hate Myself had the passion and emotion to convey true sadness to be ripped out of your body and then perfected the sing/scream technic that a thousand other bands that I want to throw broken pieces of their own tour vans' at them just butcher and make me cringe. Those other bands had no real emotion or message other than I hate myself and want to die. I Hate Myself said much more. Too much more. 

If only IHM knew that being depressed and artsy could be so.... 

Well... Emo.

Similar artists: The Pine, Indian Summer, I Would Set Myself On Fire For You, Kolya, You and I, and more post-hardcore type emo bands that don't suck and.. yeah that's it.

P.S. This albums called 10 songs but this one goes to 11!! Is that sick or what?!

Favorite track: "To a Husband at War"  the song that was originally on the band's 7'' split with Strikeforce Diablo but later added to 10 songs, thus giving the album 11 songs I believe. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Groundhog Day + The Taxpayers

Happy Groundhog Day from your pal, New Keith and Nostalgia For Tomorrow!

I don't really have anything Groundhog Day related music-wise currently, so I'll just post a sweet album for you to enjoy another whole six months of winter with. Thanks a lot Punx!

The Taxpayers - A Rhythm In The Cages (2009)

Aggressive folk punk from the other Portland. The Taxpayers' A Rhythm In The Cages doesn't really have anything to do with winter but the first song is called "Never Getting Warm" and it sure feels that way up here!

Check out their bandcamp page for lyrics and explanations of the songs on A Rhythm In The Cages, if that's your thing. I prefer to just listen.

Also, if you really want it to be relevant to what's going on today in the real world; it is tax season.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

NFT's Got You Covered! With Carissa's Wierd

Carissa's Wierd - Scrapbook (2003)

While not completely a cover album, Carissa's Weird's, Scrapbook is a nice little look at some of CW's unreleased/demo/remixes/covers recorded between 1996 and 2003. The covers include (in order by appearance), "Asleep" by The Smiths (track 5), "Chelsea Hotel" by Leonard Cohen (track 6), "Gauze" by Red Red Meat (track 8), "Isolation" by Joy Division (track 9), and "Curtains" by John Frusciante (track 10).

Carissa's Wierd show off their deadly sadcore/slowcore style with the covers they picked on Scrapbook. To be straight, the album's not as good as I remembered it when I first discovered it but that's partly due to my lose of interest in the Mat Brooke (pre Band of Horses/Grand Archives) and Jenn Ghetto (pre S) starting point that is Carissa's Wierd. I still recommend these guys and their covers on Scrapbook even if you are not a fan of Band of Horses, Grand Archives or Carissa's Wierd (which is much different than those other too...) for that matter. This release is the reason "Asleep" is one of my favorite Smiths track (not to be confused with Fugazi's "I'm So Tired"), the reason I know about Red Red Meat and the reason Chelsea Hotel is one of my favorite songs to be covered and to hear covered.

Scrapbook also features the teary eyed wonder "Sympathy Bush" as well as a remix of said track along with three other unreleased tracks, a demo called "Ugly Valentine" which maybe the blueprint to "All Apologies and Smiles, Yours Truly, Ugly Valentine"from You Should Be At Home Here (2001) and a remix of Heather Rhodes from I Before E (2004).

My interst in Carissa's Wierd may be pretty low right now but I have a feeling that that might change and it'll bounce back up. When it does I'll be sure to post some of their other stuff. I will also explain this whole sadcore/slowcore business...
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