Friday, August 30, 2013

NFT Classic: A Tribute to Tigers

By the End of Tonight - A Tribute to Tigers (2005)

By the End of Tonight were a somewhat short lived math rock/post rock/instrumental band from Texas. BTEOT were also one of the first "Math Rock" bands I discovered after finding Zach Hill's first solo-album, Astrological Straits in a skateboarding magazine almost five years ago and had to find more music like it and fast. That being said, I always felt that these guys had a closer resemblance to the untouchable instrumental music of Hella than most other math rock-like bands I would eventually discover for the next few years. Maybe it's the metal influence or maybe it has to do with the furious approach, but either way, this is probably the only band that has ever come close to capturing the sound-plus-energy that I first heard from Zach Hill/Hella. But the best part is: By The End of Tonight still had their own unique and original sound. They were just what I was craving for.

A Tribute to Tigers is BTEOT's second release after their initiation debut full-length, ...In a Letter to the Sandbox. Both were recorded live and are almost completely instrumental except for some random yelling and a few written lyrics in "Stop, Drop, and Roll Does Not Work...". A Tribute to Tigers also features by favorite BTEOT track, "Setting Sail in April". Check it out:

Similar acts/sounds: Hella, Tera Melos, Piglet, Volta Do Mar, Sleeping People, Dysrhythmia, Pneu, Lightning Bolt, etc...


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

NFT's Got You Covered with My Dad!

Not my dad.. My Dad!

My Dad - Cover Party (2013)

My Dad is a collective for music featuring Dave Collis and friends from Chicago. The two songs on Cover Party are also from Chicago. One is the ever schizophrenic, "Cut the Mullet" by Chicago outsider - Wesley Willis and the other is Kinsella's "Let's Wrestle" from  Joan of Arc's first full-length, A Portable Model of...

Cover Party was recorded during Collis's time in the studio for My Dad's 2012 release, Stunts.

Good picks. Good covers.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday LXXXI

Part 1

Piles and Piles - Premonitions Say (2013)

Mathgaze if mathgaze was really a thing, I guess. Twinkly, laid-back vocals, and lengthy jams.

Piles and Piles are not to be confused with Pile, who are also from Mass. 

Two Hand Fools - Two Hand Fools (2013)

Two Hand Fools are a noisy pop punk band from Cleveland, Ohio. They also must be Tim & Eric fans as the first track off their new self-titled album is not just "Spaghetti", but "Spaghet"!

Spooked ya!

Vultures of Cult - SVRF EP (2013)

Vermont stoner rock/metal outfit, Vultures of Cult released a surf rock album this week. Need I say more?

Just get it!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

NFT's Got You Covered: Pop Goes Lo-fi

Various Artists - Top 40 Compilation (2013)

Ever wondered what it would sound like if your guilty pleasure artists from the radio lost all their money, became humble, rerecorded their music using a tin can and some string, and gave it away for free? Me either... but hey! Birdtapes has us covered. They get 13 up-and-coming lo-fi legends to play those songs you love to hate and hate to love... but you listen to them. You do! Don't lie.

The 13 lo-fi/acoustic/indie rock bands that Birdtapes assembled for this special compilation include: WHATEVER, DAD, Pill Friends, Trace Mountains, Julia Brown, R.L. Kelly, and Starry Cat - just to name a few... But wait! there's more...

The hits they covered? You name it! Rude Boy, Paper Planes, Halo, Teenage Dream, even my favorite guilty pleasure of last year (Video Games) and my guilty pleasure of this year (I Love It). I'm not ashamed...

Check it out:

I don't care.

Official Birdtapes Page
Bandcamp (Birdtapes) (Birdtapes)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday LXXX

Good to be back!

No, Boy - Was That It? Was That Really It? (2013)

Vancouver indie rock/punk/emo sensation from Vancouver. Lots of stuff about the city and staying cool. 

I think.

Bummer - Kids on the Run (2012)

Bummer is also a band from Cananananada. Montreal, though.

I actually heard about these guys through one of my favorite bands (I got to see them this weekend for the first time!), Chalk Talk. They had just played with Bummer up north and brought a few couples of Kids on the Run in 45'' form with them to the show. I kick myself for not picking up a copy but promised I would check these Canadian punkers out. So here I am, checking them out. And so should you.

Because Chalk Talk said so. Because I said so.

Your body will thank you.

Milo - Cavalcade (2013)

Milo is not from Canada. He (Rory Ferreira) is actually from all over... starting off in a land called Saco, Maine. Milo now lives in Wisconsin, I believe, but that's not going to stop me from mentioning his roots in a very familiar town. 

Milo is also not punk rock... Milo is that hip-hop stuff. Good and smart hip-hop stuff, too. Hip-hop that is often filled with references of another familiar thing to me - pro wrestling. An easy example of wrestling from this new mixtape, a follow-up to his past two EPs (things that happen at day and things that happen at night), is the distorted sample of Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig giving a promo to the champion at the time, the Ultimate Warrior. The sample opens up the 5th track, entitled, "ba al chiliagon swords" featuring YC the Cynic and is a top-notch number.

Other samples and guests of miscellaneous sorts include: America and their hit songs, "A Horse with No Name" and "I Need You", a speech about dogs and the language of dogs which I don't recognized, Nocando, the highly underappreciated and always impressive Busdriver, and a pig load more of samples he probably didn't get permission to use. 

Get Cavalcade for free via Hellfyre Club right now!

... unless you don't want to listen to the next big thing... that's cool these days, too. I guess...

PS: I'm about to drink the Filipino chocolate energy drink, Milo. Hope it's as good. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Leveret Debut Show!

Oh you didn't hear?

Leveret, formerly Glass Fingers/formerly Jesse Gertz/formerly tiny baby rabbits, are/is playing his/their first show this weekend at the Space Gallery in Portland, Maine. I say 'they' as Leveret could just be Jesse Gertz and his table of musical and visual paraphernalia, or it could be a full band experience. Or, it could be neither!? That's the great Leveret mystery...

Maybe the real performer for Leveret is actually Gertzatron 8000, a robot the government created to produce those wonderfully spiritual bloops and bleeps that you can expect from most any Jesse Gertz project.

Leveret - Infinity (2013)


But have no fear, good reader: The Gertzatron, while sounding more or less like a government war machine, was not programmed to destroy - that was what the Gertzatron 3013 was for - this Gertzatron was specially designed with the soul intention to party it up with you all night long! And even in the day if you are still up for it, because, well, he will be.

So yeah, robots, electronic music, partying with your clothes (optional) on, and good times for all will be had at this years' Leveret debut show *plus* Infinity CD release party! Oh right, there will be CD's of Infinity on sale. Infinity of them.

Okay, there won't be an infinity number of CD's for sale; Gertz learned his lesson with those last million Glass Fingers CD's he made. But there will be plenty to go around! You can even listen to it on Leveret with three V's bandcamp right now! Check it out and get that body ready:

Sensual seduction at its finest.

It's gonna be gr8t.

Leveret's Facebook Page
The Show's Facebook Page
Official Leveret Site

NFT is Back!!!

After two months tugboating the Gulf Coast, Nostalgia For Tomorrow is back from the dead and ready to fill your empty music holes on the side of your head some call ears with the steamiest of steaming piles of music from all over the internet and my home state of Maine. Fuck apologies. Here's music:

Atlas At Last - Atlas At Last (2013)

Atlas At Last is a clever name. So is their music. But what could they possibly sound like?

Well, while their description on may suggest post-hardcore and are heavily influenced by the Blood Brothers and At The Drive-In, I would have to say they sound a bit more like the punk groups Joyce Manor and Big Kids that I sometimes refer to as "aggressive pop punk". Cringe-worthy, I know, but that's the best I got...

Just listen for yourself:

mnttaB - Welcome to the planet, dear. (2013)

Don't really know what to say about this one... found it in my mailbox and played it while I fell asleep one night. It gave me weird nightmares. One included Queen Latifah when she was on Fresh Prince of Bel Air that time. I don't feel comfortable going into detail on that one.

Snort - Ron (2013)

Snort is a band from a friend of mind's college in Wisconsin. As you can see above, it's one of those hip colleges... but hey, I love me some instrumental rock music described as "twinkly" or "mathy', so really, who am I to judge?

Actually, I'm just jealous I don't go to a hip college.

Anyways, I highly recommend Snort to anyone who enjoys those things I said in those last couple sentences. Especially instrumental twinkly math rock.

Or hip Wisconsin twinkly judge.