Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday LXXIX

Another fortnightly Monday post. A couple days late.

Sic Bacchus - Sic Bacchus (2013)

Sic Bacchus are a gritty superhero reboot.

This is their self-titled 3-song 7incher.

Vacation - Do Shit AKA The Do Shit Disc (2010)

Vacation are a pop punk band with a bit of a lo-fi/garage rock feel to them. They'll be playing a sweet punk rock house show somewhere in Portland, Maine real soon. Tell your cops friends!

DL The Do Shit Disc for free over at the always mega-cool internet website, If You Make It Dot Com.

Mr. NEET/Conjjjecture - Day of Caring Split (2013)

This split features two of Portland's own experimenting with electronics and drum machines, Mr. NEET and Conjjjecture. The two respective bands have a song to share on the split, including a new recording of "Only Rabbits", and one collaborative among friends and former band mates. The recordings were done by Mike Cunnane at Cut the Shit Recordings and featured everyone from the Portland post-whatever rock legends, Huak.

Also be on the lookout for Conjjjectures new album, Living For Dead Labor. 

Facebook (Mr. NEET)
Facebook (Conjjjecture)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

NFT's May Mix

NFT May Mix

Inspired by that driving movie, Champale, the worst pizza I've ever eaten, classic underdog sports flix, and Mother's Day/Memorial Day.