Monday, July 16, 2018

Kidnapped - Hungry

Kidnapped - Hungry (2018)

Kidnapped from CT play quick and violent grindcore. Charged with tight drums and start-stop blasts of chaos, Hungry is meant to be listened to 6 times in a row as loud as possible in your parents' basement.

At 2 a.m.

Similar acts/sounds: Iron Lung, Spazz, Exposed as Rot, Dropdead, SIEGE, Jarhead Fertilizer, Mind Eraser


Vaulted - Disaste

Vaulted - Distaste (2018)

Vaulted have been sharpening their teeth since I went on hiatus and are only getting heavier and more pissed off. I first caught wind of Vaulted back in 2016 with their Better Days EP and was really impressed - so impressed that they were on my must-see list when I moved to Boston two Summers ago. A few months back, I finally caught Vaulted open for Fórn and I knew that this new 10-track ripper, Distaste would be on constant rotation.

Disaste is about giving the big fuck-you middle finger to Fox News, Big Pharma, and the punch clock. Disaste is also about staying afloat despite all the bullshit in life. Simply put, Disaste is aggression; aggression through stomping hardcore and riffing metal that actually helps you get through the day.

Similar acts/sounds: Lunglust, I Have Become Death, Converge, Integrity, Phantom Glue, All Pigs Must Die


Monday, July 9, 2018

The Guiding Wave

The Guiding Wave - To Dance Around Love (2018)

Featuring members of Fiddlehead and Glory, The Guiding Wave share the same driving force while taking a sharp right down Suicide or Television memory lane. The Guiding Wave wear their influences on their sleeve, but they also have a dark, almost cold, sensibility to the post-punk being played today. Think more straightforward Protomartyr or a non-tongue-and-cheek Ought. Either way, take a trip and let To Dance Around Love guide you through these hot summer nights.

Similar acts/sounds: Fiddlehead, Glory, Big Bite, Alexander, Glitterer, Praise, Spiritual Cramp, Protomartyr.


Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Ultimate - Ultimate Demo 2018 (2018)

Ultimate is a new DC drug free hardcore project from members of Rashomon, Never Relaxed, and Corrective Measure. Frontman Zechariah Ghostribe previously of Never Relaxed keeps the raw energy going while upping the ante on in-your-face aggression. Plus, the boxing gloves are no joke, this is Jiu Jitsu fueled, takedown and drag 'em out hardcore.

Not for posers. Not for punishers.

Similar sounds/acts - Never Relaxed, Rashomon, Kombat, Corrective Measure, Strung Along, Line of Sight.


Monday, July 2, 2018

Knife Worship - Targeted Individual

Knife Worship - Targeted Individual (2018)

Knife Worship, hailing from Bangor, Maine at the time of this release, have been tinkering away in sound recording classes and dirty practice spaces on and off again for a few years now. In that time, the sounds coming from those rooms have evolved. What once was powerviolence became post punk, then industrial and back again. At the end of the day, there's one thing that Knife Worship have always focused on - testing the limits of punk rock music. Targeted Individual is a synth-y, post-punk-drenched 4-song release that ends before you can even think of another sub-genre. Enough said. It's a quick trip, so dust yourself off and listen to it again.

Similar acts/sounds - Ceremony, Uniform, Caust, Limbs Bin, Night Life, Street Sects, So Stressed.