Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Buddusky - Some Quills Caught

Buddusky - Some Quills Caught (2018)

Anxiety-riddled ditties about hunting Coyot, 12 point bucks, riding dirt bikes, drinking 'Gansett? That's the messy juxtaposition to be expected from Peru, Maine's Buddusky, guy.

Buddusky's Some Quills Caught brings me back to my time living in Downeast, Maine. Particularly going to school in a town locked in by trees, a small bay, and only one road in or out. No where to run or hide, I took a short story writing class and remember reading a lot of stories about first time hunting trips, working on dad's F150, and learning to drive a tractor at age 10. These stories were sloppy and brief but they were also brutally honest and confessional. One kid got teary-eyed when he had to read to the class that Pa finally accepted him after shooting his first deer. It was no 12 pointer, but it would do.

Growing up in and around the more rural parts of Maine, you hear the hunting stories or the dirt bike stories time after time. Yet, there's something about hearing these stories without the puffed out chests, or the macho prowess. Instead, the stories are told through the truthfulness of a frightened kid again. That's what Some Quills Caught is all about; the feeling of being a kid again, lost in the woods behind your grans' house, being scared to death and begging to go home. We all eventually grow up - but we never forget our childhood fears.

Associated acts/sounds: Mouth Washington, Greasy Grass, Captain Hollow, Fon Fon Ru, Lunch Cult