Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Top 6 Goosebumps!

In honor of Halloween, I present NFT's top 6 favorite Goosebumps episodes (and their books)!

Here we go...

6. Welcome to Camp Nightmare

Plot: A kid named Billy is sent to Camp Nightmoon instead of visiting his family for the summer. Unfortunately for him, Camp Nightmoon isn't your average summer camp. Right from the get-go we are introduced to characters that mysterious start to vanish overnight. When Billy asks his hard-ass counselor about his missing cabin mates he just gets scolded for asking questions. When he asks the man running the camp, Uncle Al, he get's the reply that there was never even campers by those names. More questions start to come up as the story moves on like, what or who is taking these missing campers? What's up with the forbidden cabin? And what's really up with Camp Nightmoon?

Best parts: I love camp-themed anything. Especially when people go to camp and shit-goes-down. The twist is probably the most complex even though it's basically a Twilight Zone rip-off but even re-watching it for this list, I didn't see the twist ending coming. Probably one of the twistiest of twists in this here R.L. Stine series.

Memorable bits: Honestly, I don't actually remember this story all that much until I discovered it just before making this list. I remembered there was a few camp related 'bumps tales I watched as a child and the one I was actually thinking of is an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? - a series that was on around the same time Goosebumps started to air. But this story itself impressed me so much even without any nostalgic value that I had to put it on this list. So, here it is.

Campy parts: (Other than R.L. Stine putting the camp in campy)... I don't think they did a very good job with that bad-ass kid with the bandanna and leather jacket.  Everyone knows those characters and accessories are reserved for the bullies in the 90's! But no, he was just a friend, and even later on, comic relief. If you are going to put your character in a leather jacket, they gotta be the bully... that's the rules! Also, how did everyone already know each other's names when they've never met before coming to Camp Nightmoon?

Anything else worth noting: In the book version, Uncle Al gives the kids a ride the rest of the way to camp after the bus driver just leaves them in the middle of nowhere, but in the show, they have to walk a mile in the woods.

Worst counselor ever. 


5. The Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes

Plot: One day, a garden obsessive father comes home with two new pieces for his tacky masterpiece of a lawn. The plastic statues standing in the back of pop's flatbed are two tall and ugly lawn gnomes that clearly look like they are up to no good. Turns out they really are up to no good as they start to wreak havoc on the neighbor's - who happens to be some sort of general - spotless yard and garden. Of course, no one's going to suspect that these hideous gnomes that look nothing like small people in plastic outfits as the culprits, so the general starts blaming the son. You know, since young boys are always trying to mess with neighbors' gardens. The son, being the only rational human-being and all, blames it on the gnomes and tries to prove that they are the ones coming to life and FSU-ing all night long...

Best parts: Come on, it's lawn gnomes coming to life and terrorizing stuff! The first time we see the gnomes getting count in the act and how they move and look (even if the gnomes are really campy and just little people in goofy plastic costumes again), it's still kinda creepy. I'll admit it.

Memorable bits: Not sure if this is memorable but did anyone else ever notice how little they used the mom in this episode book? Also, this story reminds me of that All Grown Up episode where someone is stealing all the lawn gnomes in town. Remember that?

Campy parts: The gnomes, The general and his crooked hat, The classic "I didn't do it! I swear" kid and his, "yeah right." sister.

Anything else worth noting: The ending in this story also differs between episode/book. I don't think I read the book but I do remember something about hundreds of slave gnomes trapped in the general's basement or something along those lines.

More like, Revenge of the Gnome Thugs.


4. Attack of the Jack O'Lanterns

Plot: It's Halloween and Drew and her friend Walker are pondering what they can do to make this year better as Tabby and Lee (two classic pranksters) have ruined Drew's favorite holiday two years in a row. On Drew and Walker's brainstorming walk home, they run into two of Drew's long lost friends and next door neighbors' Shane and Shana who are in town for the night and have a perfect plan to get back at Tabby and Lee for all the crap they have pulled on Drew. Shane and Shana tell Drew and Walker to invite Tabby and Lee to trick or treat with them and Shane and Shana will cover the rest. So, Drew and Walker hook up with Tabby and Lee for trick or treating with no sign of Shane or Shana anywhere. As the night goes by the group run into two pumpkin-headed figures that know the best spot for candy. What the unsuspecting kids don't know is that the pumpkin heads have brought them to a parallel dimension where you can never stop trick or treating! Are the pumpkin heads Drew's friends?  Is this their sick trick to get back at Tabby and Lee? And are Drew's friends even human?

Best parts: The thought: 'what if we could not stop trick or treating?'

Memorable bits: I remember this one pretty well just on the premise that it takes place on Halloween night and while you think you have the twist figured out, Stine goes and twists it up some more! You bastard, you.

Campy parts: While the Goosebumps series weren't by any means memorable for their special effects (was there a kids show in the 90's that was?), the super fake looking pumpkin heads actually worked perfectly for the story since the kids argued that the pumpkin heads are just crappy costumes and got a good spook when they removed one to reveal - dun dun dun - nothing! Unfortunately all the other effects like the talking pumpkin head on the ground and the random orange bolt of lightning were a bit of a miss. I won't even mention when they reveal what the pumpkin-headed friends of Drew actually looked like... Oops.

Anything else worth noting: (Spoiler alert): If the aliens ate those four missing adults, who were those four possessed adults handing out candy in the infinite treat or trick dimension? Also, in the book, the only way to make room for more candy to keep trick or treating was to eat all the candy!


3. The Girl Who Cried Monster

Plot: When a girl (Lucy) leaves her 'blades' at the library after Reading Rangers, she stumbles upon her librarian, Mr. Mortman, partaking in a feast of crickets and tarantulas. He's not just feeding the tarantulas though, he is taking large handfuls of crickets and shoving them into his disgusting librarian face. Lucy continues to watch this hideous act until Mr. Mortman's body turns into... yes... A MONSTER! Unfortunately for Lucy, all her monster bluffs in the past have caught up with her and no one believes her when she tells them she has finally seen a real monster!

Best part: The Girl Who Cried Monster has arguably the best twist in Goosebumps' history. It's by far my favorite twist of any Goosebumps story/adaptation/video game and I dare anyone who has never read or seen this classic Goosebump' before to predict the ending. No, I double dare you!

You'll never get it right.

Memorable bits: Growing up (not that I'm done), I never read/watched Goosebumps for the spooks really. No, I was already into cult horror flix like Stephen King's It and The Leprechaun at the time, not too sound like a cool kid or anything, but I was a bit ahead of my time for my age. What I would really read/watch Goosebumps for - was their twists. The Girl Who Cried Monster was probably one of the last 'bumps books I read and I can still remember it really well. What will always stick in my head from this story, is the twist, of course, but also the way the librarian was described and how much I despised him for some reason. Maybe it wasn't because he was a slimy monster that ate bugs, but rather because he was a librarian. I hate librarians. If I was a monster, I would have eaten him, too.

Campy parts: It's camp-less.

Anything else worth noting: There's a subtle Fahrenheit 451 situation going on this story when Mr. Mortman tells Lucy she should stop reading scary, nonsense stories and start reading more classic novels. This was R.L. Stine's little poke at teachers who thought Goosebumps were not good for children because they didn't teach kids anything. Also, I used to imagine Mr. Mortman was an old lady. I don't know why but I have a feeling it has to do with all the librarians I encountered when I was younger.

You deserve what you get.

2. The Werewolf of Fever Swamp

Plot: A family of scientists move to a secluded swampy town to study things.  The scientists' son, Grady, eventually befriends one of the only kids in town, Will. The kids spend most of their time hanging out in the swamp where the swamp hermit lives. Will informs Grady that the swamp hermit is a werewolf and shouldn't be fucked with and that the swamp is called Fever Swamp because anyone who goes into it soon gets a fever that causes them to do crazy things. One night, Grady and the rest of the family are woken by a howl and scratching at the door. Come to find out that it was just a big dog behind the door the whole time... or at least this time it was...

Best part: This Goosebump' had the potential to be the scariest and most graphic. That is, until I saw the episode adaptation and didn't see any deer guts or blood of any kind. What did I expect though? This is Goosebumps we're talking about. The Werewolf of Fever Swamp is still one of my most remembered stories of the series and, though the twist is not as crazy as The Girl Who Cried Monster, it is still twist. Even if you can figure it out right away. Knowing the twist to this story doesn't ruin the whole thing in this case. That's what makes it such a good story.

Memorable bits: I remember reading this in one day and going back to the library the next day to pick up the episode on VHS. I wanna say it was the closest Goosebumps story out there to gave me the creeps. I think it may have something to do with the woods I had out back behind my house and the time I found what looked like someone's shack. I went in and there was the swamp hermit just waiting for me. I tried to run but it was no use... psych. That never happened. Spooky though, right?

Campy parts: More classic skeptical parents that get proven wrong in the end. Also, why does it seem that the parents in these stories are always scientists or doctors? Goosebumps also always a high likelihood that the story revolves around a family of four and the main character usually just flip-flops between brother and sister. The only 'bumps story I can think of that deals with a single parent and their child's bizarre situation would be, 'Don't Go To Sleep!'.

Another else worth noting: The study the parents were working on was if deer can live in Florida or not.

The real twist: The Swamp Hermit was actually Doc from Back to the Future.


1. The Haunted Mask

Plot: In an attempt to have a really cool costume for Halloween, Carly Beth looks to an old and run-down but newly-opened novelty shop. Unfortunately, the shop is closed when she gets there but for some reason she is let in my the shop owner. Inside, Carly stumbles upon a back room filled with freakishly realistic masks - one of which she has to have. The shop owner refuses to sell her the masks, however, so Carly grabs the mask, throws her money at the man, and dashes for the door. That night for trick or treating, Carly has the scariest mask and knows it. Along with the mask, she carries around a plaster head on a stick her mom made for her. Coolest costume in town right? Well, come time to remove the mask, Carly is unsuccessful! The mask is stuck to her face and won't come off! Uh oh. What now...? Dun dun dun..

Best parts: The Haunted Mask is the Goosebumps book I first think of when I think "Goosebumps". It's an essential Goosebumps story that also takes place on Halloween!

Memorable bits: For me, The Haunted Mask is probably the most memorable book cover of the Goosebumps series. It's just a classic must-read/must-see Goosebump'. If you didn't read this book or watch the episode when you were a kid, you are truly missing out, my friend. I would even go as far as saying that you are not a true 90's kid even if you were born in the 90's for not reading or watching The Haunted Mask. Which sucks for you since being a 90's kid is clearly the best kind of kid you can be. I would know. The internet told me so.

Campy parts: Not too many that I can think of other than that creepy plaster head Carly carries around that is supposed to be very fragile.

Another else worth noting: Rumor has it that the actress who played Carly Beth actually ate a real sandwich filled with real worms. Also, I can't help but be reminded of Halloween III when I watch this episode. For all those who haven't had the pleasure of seeing Halloween III: Season of the Witch, it's the one without Michael Myers and all the must-have Halloween masks will magically turn the kids into monsters on Halloween night! Or kill them... I can't remember.

"Help me!"


I did a little research before putting this list together (but already had my favorites in mind) and noticed that also has a list of the best Goosebumps books hosted by CR in his 'Familiar Faces' series. Turns out, CR and I have a lot of the same favorites! the video he made's kinda corny, but also very nostalgic. Check it out!

Hope everyone had a good Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

6 Degrees

Nothing says "take that storm" like some dark and cloudy post metal.

Of course, by "take that" I mean "fuck you".

6 Degrees - I & II (2012)

6 Degrees, hailing from the great Mother Russia, provide a beautifully gray scene of post rock/metal and sludge that is sometimes dabbed with peoples' voices concerned about global warming. Like I said, perfect storm music. Errrr, minus the perfect storm part. 

These two albums (I &II) only hold three tracks each. From "Fifth Degree" to "Sixth Degree". Most tracks are over 7 minutes (lots of 10 minuters) like any post metal piece should be, but I suggest listening to them as one big long track if you have the time.

In all seriousness though about this storm, even though I wasn't hit with anything more than a bit of zealous wind, other places like New Jersey took Sandy head-on and unfortunately, some parts are pretty much underwater. As metal as that might sound even without the mention of the sharks, that brutally stinks. Just something to keep in mind when you are whining about how wimpy this storm was and how hype-happy the media got. Storms suck whether they are the biggest in years or not.

Monday, October 29, 2012


Behold... The Frankenweeniestorm (pic sorta unrelated)

Methamphenomenal - Methamphenomenal (2011)

All jokes aside. It's music time.

Methamphenomenal is the hip-hop/rap/DJ project of Donovan "Deez" Dorrance and another gentlemen under the name of Your Flyness, but his parents call him Kyle. They are funny. Not as funny as Bill Murray, though.

If you enjoyed Darwin Deez's Wonka Beats and all that silly rap shit, I have a hunch that you'll like these guys. There's also a Daft Punk cover for all you DP fans out there, too. If you're into that...

PS: I hope Kyle has parents because I made that part up.

Some more Donovan Deez stuff

Olive Drab - Girl EP (2012)

Here's a new little something-something out there. I figured since it's not twinkly or super emo, it'd be a nice treat. I've been posting a lot of the same sounding things lately and this seems to be on its own course and such.

So, what do Olive Drab from Philadelphia sound like? Like lo-fi indie rock pop punk or something. Simple really - whatever they sound like - but sometimes that's all you need.


The Portrait - Shithole EP (2011)

And to cap of this gray day, here is another gray album.

Shithole by The Portrait is short and anti-sweet hardcore punk straight from the core. Nuff shred.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Neutral Bling Hotel

Neutral Bling Hotel - In My G4 Over Da Sea (2012)

Neutral Milk Hotel + rap. Featuring classic hip-hop hits like: "Ice Cream Paint Job", "Look At Me Now", "Teach Me How to Dougie" and that whistle song all the girlies love.

All tracks mashed-up by Psycosis, a video game programmer turned mash-up extraordinaire - sorta.

Anyways, enjoy!

Just imagine a swag Jeff Mangum while you're at it.... oh wait...

Sweet Anne Frank arm tat, dude! Oh, too soon?


Monday, October 22, 2012


Daymon Sicmu.

Peace Be Still - 64 (2012)

Peace Be Still are an emo/punk/post hardcore band out of Mississauga, ON. That's in Canada. 

Last week I mentioned that the new music outfit of Little Pirouettes features some guy named Pierce Jordan. Well, this is that somebodies other band, Joe Shlabotnik. It's got that emo twinkly stuff that you'd except any good Cap'n Jazz-loving band would have. 

Joe Shlabotnik is also Charlie Brown's greatest hero. 


CUSS - High Gravity (2012)

The up-and-coming noise-making all-stars, CUSS of Portland, Maine just released a new album entitled, 'High Gravity' through their new bandcamp page.

CUSS played-on Red Medicine this summer at the Red Med last hurrah show and, boy oh boy, was it a nice surprise. I mean, I was already interested in seeing these guys play after hearing their demo beforehand, but I didn't expect seeing what I did. Along with excellent drumming by Elijah and some of the best bass guitar I've seen and heard by Sean, there is Alexander. He's the guy on the ground. He was also the guy rolling on the ground, getting the mic cord twisted around everything he stumbled over, sweating profusely, and shouting inaudible nothingness at the show. It was great.

These guys should definitely be on your must-see list for local acts right now if you are a fan of Portland area music and like making lists.

Maybe that's just me...



Halloween is in a week from tomorrow! To get you pumped, here's a classic Disney Channel flick, 'Don't Look Under the Bed' from 1999 starring no one of importance unless you are a General Hospital or Brink! fan.

Check it out here before it gets taken down by the internet po-po.


Monday, October 15, 2012


Mundai muzix.

Little Pirouettes - Weed Debts (2012)

Little Kingdoms + Pirouette + a guy named Pierce Jordan = Little Pirouettes. 


Glocca Morra - Just Married (2012)

Glocca Morra play some noisy punk rock music. It's the kind of punk rock I like to call, 'bro punk'. Why? I really don't know anymore. It's damn good whatever it is and so is the album entitled, 'Just Married'. According to my sources, AKA kids on the internet, Glocca Morra also have a new EP coming out any day now!

Current favorite track: "Broken Cigarettes" (track 7)



There's a lot of new albums coming out right now. Lots of good ones at least, and by folks we have had a chance to hear a little, to a lot of, in the past. This one by SPOOK HOUSES, who I've posted previously regarding their 'Home' EP last year, is another flawless new release that has popped up recently. It's called, 'Trying' or 'The "Trying" LP' and is their first full-lengther. It starts right where their EP left off, a nice blend of indie rock mixed with the droll-y vox like that of Dad Rocks!, Attic Abasement, Coma Cinema, and Bill Callahan.

I'm a big fan of drowsy, almost monotone, voices. Singing good nowadays is overrated and belongs far away from my ear canal regions. The thing that really puts SPOOK HOUSES above the rest for bands that use this lackadaisical vocal style is that they also back it up with really good instrumentation. Maybe I'm just being bias though because they have a singing saw on the very first track. But come on... singing saws do rule! If you don't agree, you should just go away...

PS: I'm sorry to SPOOK HOUSES for wasting so many free downloads... I currently live on a ship and it doesn't have the best internet connection.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wonka Beats

Darwin Deez - Wonka Beats

Wonka Beats is a rap project featuring samples and other goodies revolving around the 70's film adaption of Roald Dahl's chocolate-childhood-dream-fest, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It is curated by indie pop and worst hair contest winner of the year, every year, Darwin Deez. 

Throughout this wonderfully thought up tape, Darwin Deez isn't rapping so much as playing word association. Deez's goofy style can easily be compared to that of Das Racist and other "funny" rappers who are clearly Deez's influences and inspirations. Kool AD of Das Racist actually rears his ugly head in track 2, "Where's the Chocolate" and provides us with some more word associated raps and silly vocal antics. Other special guests include Xaphoon Jones of Chiddy Bang (who you may or may not know sampled Darwin Deez in their song, "Bad Day"; the same name as the Darwin Deez song they sampled.), Dev Hynes, and Donovan Deez who is not Darwin's brother, but Mash Deez's (Michelle Dorrance, the one to come up with the 'Deez' name). Darwin Deez's real name is Darwin Smith. A lot less hip.

There is also too extra tracks at the end of this tape after the outro. One is a remix of "The City" featuring DJ Hummus, and the other is a song called, "Today Was Dumb" featuring Scary Mansion. 

A really good idea of what I'm talking about with the whole "word association" rapping style would be the remix of "I Don't Like The Look" (originally by Lil Wayne or whoever). There's so much word play and clever little rhyming, it'll make your head spin:

All in all, you can't go wrong with Willy Wonka themed samples. Unfortunately though, there's a lot of good material you can use just from the 70's version that not all of my (and maybe yours) favorite bits and quotes get used. I would have loved to hear the "You lose! Good day, sir!" rant or any of the unexpectedly scary tunnel bits. Other than that, this is a quality mixtape with a lot of Wonka nostalgia mixed with non-stop, line-after-line, Darwin Deez rapping... or what ever it is he is doing. 


Official site

Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Streamin'

Here's some new/newer stuff you can listen to.

Sirs - Sirs (2012)

The Sirs self title has been out for a little while now but I just got around to giving it a good listen for myself. I'm not sure if I like it as much as their first EP, 'Vas Deferens' (just got what they means), but it seems like it'll grow on me after a few more listens. Definitely try it out for yourself if you haven't already. It won't hurt. I swear.

Solos - Beast of Both Worlds (2012)

Solos is the new project of Spencer Seim of Hella/The Advantage/sBACH and Aaron Ross - that guy who sang for Hella for a while there. That being said, Solos is a lot like what would happen if There's No 666 in Outer Space-era Hella would have been like if there was no Zach Hill. I'm not saying that the drummer Solos has is not a good drummer... they're just not, well... Zach Hill. So, if you were a fan of Hella when they focused on putting Aaron Ross in the spotlight, you're really going to like Solos! If you found 'There's No 666 in Outer Space' to be Hella's weakest album, I would still say that you should give this project a listen, especially since Solos aren't Hella and clearly don't want to be.

Solos' bandcamp describes their sound to be a cross between Led Zeppelin and MGMT. "As ridiculous as this may sound".

Vultures of Cult - Fathoms (2012)

Vultures of Cult have a kind of shitty name. The fact that they play really nasty stoner metal out of Vermont is not as shitty. The fact that these bros probably ripped shit up in Portland last weekend with KYOTY is not shitty at all. The fact that I couldn't go to the show... is pretty effin' shitty.

If you purchase the digital downloads for 'Fathoms' on their bandcamp, you receive a bonus track entitled, "Running From the Eye".

Official site

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday (un)XXXXX(pected)

It's back.

Cage Match - Cave Math (2010)

Cage Match plays that smooth emo music that twinkles and shines when you look at it from an angle.

Iron Chic - Demo (2008)

Iron Chic is a pop punk out of New York that features members from other familiar names in underground pop punk like Small Arms Dealer, Latterman, Jonesin', Get Bent, and Capital.

The track, "Timecop" features vox by Matt Canino of RVIVR/ex-Latterman/ex-Shorebirds. Yes, Timecop as in the Van Damme movie, Timecop.


Nai Harvest - Feeling Better 7" (2012)

Two guys from the UK playing emo punk stuff with lots of noodles and other made up music expressions.


Jared Fairfield/Afraid - EMF (2012)

EMF is a split by Jared Fairfied and Afraid AKA Jakob Battick's new electronic project.To hear more from Battick himself about this project, check out the interview he did with Hilly Town's own, Kevin Steeves. The interview does a lot more justice to this project than this post could ever do. So yeah, please check it out.

Jared Fairfield's
Jared Fairfield's Facebook

Monday's back and so is NFT with a lot less excuses and half-hearted promises!

Have a good week everyone and happy Columbus Day!

Friday, October 5, 2012

HOST / KYOTY - Split

I meant to post this a little earlier, but the times got ahead of me. Anyhow, here is both sides of the Host/KYOTY split starting with KYOTY.

KYOTY's side

Man oh man, if you haven't read any of my previous rants about KYOTY yet, you best start doing so now! KYOTY (Keep Your Opinions To Yourself) are a post metal juggernaut from New Hampshire. They play some of the heaviest and just flat-out intense shows around (if you live in the New England area)! Wall after wall of sound and shear man-power, right here.

This split only has one track by KYOTY but it is one of their best; and one of their newest. No matter how loud you play this song, it will never capture the sound and intensity of hearing and witnessing it live.

The track is called, "Taking the Red Blood for Granted... Oh, How We Walk On Green Grass".

To further prove KYOTY's awesomeness, these guys played a show last month at Castle in the Clouds in New Hampshire. I'm not sure how the show went, but they played in the courtyard of a castle on top of a mountain during a car show! If that's not metal as fucking metal itself... then I don't know what is.

Official site

Host's side

Host is also from New Hampshire. They also play some dark and intense music, but in the form of hardcore. I have yet to see Host play their music in front of my face, but I'm guessing it would be pretty hardcore.

Host bring 3 tracks to this split. They are titled, I, II, and III on Hydrogen Man Records's bandcamp, but are listed as "I Tarry", "Keep Your Opinions To Yourself", and "On Drowning", on their bandcamp.

They're pretty hardcore.

Official site

P.S. KYOTY will be playing at Genos in Portland, Maine this weekend. I'll be home from school and in the Portland area, but unfortunately am not 21 yet... Shit happens. Go to this if you are 21+. You lucky bastards. I mean it! DO IT!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Grazes - Myths

Grazes -Myths (2011)

Upon first listen of the opening track, "Intro/Black Death" one could have the impression that this is just another screamo/post rock/what-have-you album, but once the voice of spoken word lets up and the instruments start to fade out, a common sound enters. It's the sound some are very familiar with; a sound that reminds them of that phase they went through in high school where they stitched patches on their denim jacket or contemplation running away to become a common day street urchin. It's the sound of old school punk rock music - the kind that was mixed with a little lot of hardcore and made to trash around. Grazes hasn't forgotten those days and neither should we. Even it those days never actually existed...

The rest of the album after the opening track is a head-on freight train of hardcore punk nostalgia. Grazes proves that they are here to keep that sound alive while staying somehow relevant by adding in other influences such as metal and even shoegaze. All in all, it still sounds like the punk music of yesterday; just played for us today.

Similar acts/sounds: Bastions, Pariso, Jackals, Best Friends, Goodtime Boys, Beartrap, Lester Freamon, Cower, Witch Cult and a bunch of other hardcore acts that miss old school punk music, too.


14 Foot 1

14 Foot 1 - Christ Grenades (2007)

14 Foot 1 play twinkly math rock driven jingles. They are either from Massachusetts (according to their Bandcamp) or Rhode Island (according to and look something like this:

14 Foot 1 are signed to New Neighbor Records along with The Devil and a Penny - the band that led me to these guys. Not to get off subject, but The Devil and a Penny have a new release due out tomorrow and everyone should check it out. I say them (The Devil and a Penny) a little while back, opening for Algernon Cadwallader, and they totally killed it. 14 Foot 1 also kill it from what I'm hearing on this release entitled, 'Christ Grenades'. Very progressive stuff. Very toe tapping stuff. Very good stuff. 

Similar acts/sounds: The Devil and a Penny, Flesh Forest and The Elephant Only Zoo, Tiny Hawks, Japandi, Good Citizens, Royal Blood, The Rice Cakes, and other instrumental G-tappers. (free DL's)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Nord - Nord (2012)

Nord was a short-lived screamo/post hardcore act out of Chambéry, France. If you are a fan of other French screamo bands such as Daitro, Sed Non Satiata, Le pré où je suis mort, or Aussitôt Mort, you'll most likely enjoy the six songs that these gents put out.

Though this album was just released, they called it quits sometime last year.

All props go to My Endless Minute for this one.

Bandcamp (nothing about them)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy

Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy (2011)

Car Seat Headrest is Will Toledo. He makes fuzzy lo-fi music of which most of the vocal recordings were done in his car... hence the name. This album entitled 'Twin Fantasy', has a very interested story behind it much like Jordaan Mason & The Horse Museum's 2009 release, 'Divorce Lawyers I Shaved My Head'. Unfortunately, like the Jordaan Mason album I've mentioned above, I can not remember the story or if it's true. If you like Jordaan Mason though, you may also like this guy.

Similar acts/sounds: Jordaan Mason & The Horse Museum, The Sarcastic Dharma Society, Foot Ox, Coma Cinema, Midnight Ghost, Alligator Indian, Long Walks On The Beach, Camp Island, The Whiting Brothers, and, and, and, and.

Keep smoking.

We love you.