Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Monday. Happy Halloween!

Black Eyes & Neckties - Apparition! (2007)

Nothing screams Halloween! like horror punk! Here's the late Black Eyes & Neckties' second album, Apparition. It's drenched in blood and splintering organ cries. They played a much more Murder City Devil's influenced type horror punk rather than the Misfits approach. Apparition and BENt reeks of B movies and sci fi flicks none the less!

Official Site

Orchid - Chaos Is Me (1999)

Scare the neighborhood children with the sweet hardcore sounds of Orchid this Halloween. It'll make them feel uncomfortably nervous than stain their teeth.

O'Death - Broken Hymns, Limbs and Skin (2008)

If folk had a designated season, I'd say right now would be the perfect time. I hope none of you have to crawl through snow still thanks to this lovely Snowtober business.

Hah, Hellsnoween.

O'Death isn't your average folk punk. It's more like gypsy gothic country bluegrass punk. Don't believe me? Just listen to Broken Hymns. 

Russian Circles - Empros (2011)

Not much to say about Russian Circles' new effort other than how obviously good it was going to be and is. I don't think it's a grower at all though... it fits right in.

The last track (Praise Be Man) features vox courtesy of Bassist, Brian Cook!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Frontier Ruckus - The Orion Songbook (& Snowtober)

Just when I was enjoying the good old brisk autumn weather of New England, nature effing jumps the gun and delivers some white stuff all over itself. (I'm talking about snow... )Two days before halloween no less! The news is cleverly calling it Snowtober and I'm cleverly getting pissed off. Wait your turn winter.

Regardless of the early snowfall, I've got some nice little fall-ish folk that I was meaning to post this month. It actually fits pretty well.

Frontier Ruckus - The Orion Songbook (2008)

Frontier Ruckus is voiced through Matthew Milia, propelled my banjos and harmonicas, and fueled by distant memories of the past. All in all, this is really solid folk music with hints of bluegrass and alt-country (but not to much, it's chill). The beauty lies in the atmosphere it brings to mind. The atmosphere of being in the woods with your friends just laughing and reminiscing about the good ol' days. In the end, after the day is done and you've left those cold woods, you feel a little sad inside but it's a good sad. The kind of sad that makes you sane. The kind of sad that makes you think rationally and honest. Like truth serum.

One of Orion Songbook's best feature has to be the singing saw that wakes up towards the middle of the first song (Animals Need Animals) and continues on through the album like a spirit of the stories told. I'm a huge fan of singing saw and this album and band uses it very well.

Fans of folk music will have no trouble getting into Frontier Ruckus, especially Milia's voice and the "Crosby Stills and Nash harmonies".

Just turn this on and watch the snow melt.
Official site
Now I am older, I know what homes are for

Frontier Ruckus is currently touring with Lady Lamb the Beekeeper (formally of Maine) which is totally rad!

I hope these guys come back to Portland some time.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Black Bear - The Cinnamon Phase

Sam Beebe plays some catchy electronic pop music that is both gushy and geeky. With the moniker of Black Bear, Sam has the ability to distract you with his romantic beats while ripping your heart out with his claws. Musically metaphorical claws that is. Black Bear is fun and can easily be used to impress the ladies... At least, I like to think.

Black Bear - The Cinnamon Phase (2006)

The lyrics are quirky, the instruments are electric and the feelings you feel afterwards will be uncomfortably giddy.

If you are a fan of music that reminds you of ex girlfriends, whistling, songs about birds flocking each other, spoken word, your mother, being awkward, not liking Bright Eyes, music that makes you think of the seventh grade, one man electro projects or lists of things you like... You might like Black Bear's The Cinnamon Phase.

I could be totally wrong though.
Sam Beebe also got himself a Live at session 
And if he wants he'll nap and dream his black bear dreams

Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday VI

It's music. Here's some Monday.

King Guava - King Guava (2010)

Mathy/twinkly emo with a banjo and grass. Vox remind me of Native/The Exploration/Victor! Fix the Sun.

Definitely an interesting blend.

Looshin / Connor Hattersley - Strong Soul High Split EP (2011)

For the life of me I can not remember where I found this. It's just been a tab on my computer all week.

Oh well. I've been listening to Strong Soul High a lot and it sounds really nice and sad to me. Every song kind of has a different style and could branch off into its own thing. The first track is a nice acoustic guitar piece, the second track starts out like an Adam Gnade song, the third track is a bone chilling atmospheric ambient jam, the fourth track sounds a lot like Hardy Morris of Dead Confederate (and the face on Deerhunter's record, Microcastles), the fifth track is a mega somber acoustic instrumental piece and the sixth song is a nice little demo perfect for any indie folk fan.

I'm guessing the first half is Looshin (a young musician from York) and the second is Connor Hattersley, (also a solo musician, not sure if he's also young or from York) but it isn't very clear. (both cats)

Thunderstorms - The Last Level EP (2011)

One man instrumental twinkly emo/punk from Ottawa. It's instrumental because he can't sing (not that should matter with a genre like "twinkle daddie"). I find it enjoyable known the less.

Last two tracks are super fun.

The Self Titled EP is also pretty well done but I don't think it has as much kick as this first release. I'm going to keep listening though and see if that opinion changes.

Autolatry - The Hill (2010)

Here's some more blackened death metal that tells of brutal tales of New England's illustrious history. A little more straight forward than fellow Connecticut heavy band Katahdin.

I'm not a huge death or black metal fan but if I was craving either, I would go for anything that represents New England and its illustrious history!

Props to Karl Chamberlain (vocals) for informing of this! 

Palmkite - Palmkite Demo (2009)

More twinkle for your toes.

Oh I know you. You're the kind of girl who'd love to be the kind of girl who fell in love with the thrill of uncertainty.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

François Virot

François Virot sounds like a busy Frenchmen. Wether he is playing solo shows, playing in Reveille or drumming with his brother in Clara Clara, he is doing something musical.

I may have just gotten into this gentlemen but I feel he has that sound that fits snuggly in my singer/songer collection. Very catchy and playful but not gorgeous or smooth. Perfect.

François Virot - Yes Or No (2007)

Virot could be compared to Animal Collective and Kickball among other things/sounds. 

I Wish I Had You is a nice and fuzzy rendition of a Billie Holiday track by the way!

I want to say more but I'm sleepy and have had sort of a busy weekend. So here's a youtube video of what he sounds like: 


I am.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

NFT Presents: Splits

I was pretty shocked the other day (monday) when I realized that I had not perviously posted any splits. So, for the past four days I've been thinking of some of my favorite and most listened to splits I know and would like to share... thanks to this unexpected free time I have acquired today! I hope you enjoy them too!

Andrew Jackson Jihad & The Gunshy - Split EP

My favorite Andrew Jackson Jihad split. Features the Tom Waits of folk punk, The Gunshy and song title references to one another's work like Andrew Jackson Jihad's "There's No War in This Love", which is a clever word switch of The Gunshy's Album title There's No Love in This War, and The Gunshy's "Only Sean Can Judge Me" which is a reference to AJJ's album, Only God Can Judge Me just switching God with Sean (the voice behind the Andrew Jackson jihad, Sean Bonnette).

The best part about this split is the fact that there is some collaborating (even if it is not obvious) rather then just two or more bands sending each other their music and slapping both names onto the album cover.

The Reptilian/Lautrec/Boy Problems/Osceola - 4 Way Split

(not the artwork)

I originally listened to this 4 Way mostly for The Reptilian but then I was immensely impressed with Boy Problems and there use of Superbad on "I Swallowed a Bug". Some really decent math rock influenced screamo right here!

Lautrec is kinda cut/copy and Osceola is a little noisier and messier than the rest of the pack but they all scream-o.

The Reptilian are also in another 4 way split with Annabel, Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate), and Joie De Vivre as well as a split with Jowls (ex-members of Victor! Fix the Sun) coming out October 20th but streamable on their Bandcamp. Oh boy, today's Oct. 20th actually! What a coincidence!

Touché Amoré/La Dispute - Searching For A Pulse/The Worth Of The World (Split)

This is a very sick Split! Touché Amoré! La Dispute! And like the AJJ/The Gunshy split I posted previously, these two mega stars in the heavy music business not only share their music, they team up in some of my all time favorite TA and LD tracks. I think that the Jordan's signature sound (that is all to often compared with other bands that don't really sound that much like La Dispute) and Jeremy of TA's super effective emotional yelling is a perfect blend! The best example would be "I'll Deserve Just That" by Touché Amoré.

La Dispute also has a pretty splendid split with Koji (who I think really tops LD on that release) and Touché also has a split with Make Do and Mend which I have yet to hear.

toe//Collections of Colonies of Bees - Split (2009)

Comes with live performances of Flocks (I & III) by Collections of Colonies of Bees and a nice little easter egg of a song by toe called The Faber which is a cover of a Pele song. C of C of Bees is a side project of Pele! To me, that's mndfckingblwn!

1994!/Spires -Split

More math infused screamo! Half of Spires is Big Kids by the way.

Jesu & Battle of Mice - Split (2008)

I'm not a Jesu fan. I'm not going to try to jump around that, it's true. I don't enjoy the vox and honestly wish it was just instrumental. Battle of Mice however were always a band I enjoyed, especially the Julie Christmas factor (not to mention the Red Sparowes factor)! Lemme tell ya, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! RIP Battle of Mice.

Oh yeah and "The Bishop" is one of the best tracks by Battle of Mice if not thee best and this is where you find it!

P.s. the day I see the song "Yellow and Black" by BoM mashed up with Wiz's Black and Yellow will be the day I retire from music. Maybe...

Unless it sounds good...

Hella & Dilute - Live Split

Yes it's live, but it's HELLA playing live! So good! Also it's early Hella playing purely Hold Your Horse Is tracks! What more can I ask for... other then actually seeing them live.

Then there's Dilute's live songs and it's all good. Alphabet, Apple, Balloon Song. It's like listening to that epic show you had been waiting in interaction for weeks, having to change your pants every time you thought about it and then on the night of, you are on your way to the venue when all of a sudden... BOOM! You get hit by a flaming freight train that has ran off its tracks! After all that you wake up in a hospital bed somewhere and start sweating profusely. You realize you are not at that show. You figure that your life no longer has any value and that the IV stuck into your arm could make a fine noose - but then your best bud comes running in to the room to explain that he just went to the greatest concert of his life and recorded the whole thing! At that moment you realize that the only point in life is to listen to that recording of a show you never got to experience but dear god you know you would of if you could of!!! This live EP is kind of like that.... kind of.

Well that's all for today, I gotta split.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Good Citizens

Good Citizens finally put out their EP! As promised a while back, here it is:

Good Citizens - Soma Holiday (2011)

These two gents (Spencer & Matt) are like me; They like Math rock and they want you to hear it. The only difference is they have a band and I just have this crappy blog. Oh well...

It was pretty sweet seeing these guys play a while back! Now all I got are some metaphysical MP3's to relive that evening.

BUT HEY! It's better than nothing... which is what I used to have.

If you like Tera Melos, Piglet, Nuito, Adebisi Shank, Giraffes? Giraffes!... (you get the picture) then you'll like Good Citizens.

Meet 'em on the Facebooks

Good Citizens. Teaching Americans How to be Effective Citizens Math Rockers.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday V

Here's some music to get you through the week:

Toasted Plastic - From The Balloon To The Moon (2011)

Punky with some screamo/emo tendencies and math. Like a Sirs/Chalk Talk/Merchant Ships blend. 

Ginger Alford (One Reason, Good Luck, and her team up with Paul Baribeau playing Springsteen covers) has a new band and this is it. 

Moonrocks is a hip-hop/electronic artist out of the Portland, Maine area. He Produced this bad boy of a collective-type album featuring Fresh Heir, Travis Ranta of Power Lines, Dynamo P, Pensivv, ALT, Shupe, Ill By Instinct and other local rappers in the area (I'm guessing). I had only really heard of Fresh Heir (and Power Lines since I saw them live together once) before finding Gas Station Dinner and I was really pretty surprised at how tight these seemingly unknown rappers are! To be honest, Fresh Heir is probably the weakest of all the rappers (with his track, Time To Win). But none the less, these guys are actually very talented and very different than that other Maine rapper.... 

I wish I knew more about these guys, but I don't. 

Special Thanks to Dead Man's Clothes and their website for upping this!

Spider Wood/Niko & The Juggler Meadow Family Band (Split) - Tending Fires (2011)

This is the first split I've featured on this blog! It's about two bands that play their own take on acoustic folk music. Where the Wood Spider is a little punk and gypsy, Niko & The Juggler Meadow Family Band are a little more laid back. Take an ear look for yourself... and get the rest of Wood Spider's discography while you're at it! 

Track 1-4 is Wood Spider and the rest is Niko. Bandcamp can tell you that though, you don't need me.

Wood Spider's 

Niko & The Juggler Meadow Family Band's (not too much help but does show some good similar artists) 

A Great Big Pile of Leaves - Have You Seen My Prefrontal Cortex? (2010)

Indie rock with a bit of jazz and pop. Super catchy stuff that goes down real smooth right here... maybe too much, but I don't care. 

Love 'em or hat 'em

You can get this record on there website for free. The only catch is, you don't get the last two tracks that are included on their Bandcamp... 

Cereal oh oh oh 

Friday, October 14, 2011


Girlfriends is just Jerry Joiner from the other Portland... Portalnd, Oregon. Jerry makes sweet ass dancy punk music using loops and being a super chill guy. The multipal shouting vox coming from all directions is pure gold. All in all, It's really super fun and easy to get into!

Just got dumped? Let Jerry's music be your new Girlfriend!

Girlfriends - Girlfriends (2009)


Girlfriends -  Girlfriends (Reverse) (2009)

The reversed album is a nice little treat of songs from the blue album chopped up, reversed, and/or played around with a little more. Not all songs have had this sweet treatment and that's the only negative thing I can say about it.

I got to see Girlfriends play this past summer which was a real nice surprise. When I walked in to see Jerry perform, I thought I had walked onto the set of Arrested Development shooting their new episodes with George Michael on drums. I was convenced Michael Cera was helping Jerry out on drums during the tour. Later on after the show my friends all scolded me for thinking the drummer was just Michael Cera with a Beau Navire shirt on. Hey, that little awkward man child played bass with Mister Heavenly (Nick Diamonds of Unicorns/Islands fame + Honus Honus of Man Man) on their tour, so I figured maybe he somehow found his way to Jerry Joiner and read the drummer from the band Kickball's book on how to play DIY drums. It could have happened....

Cera also played hurdy gurdy on a Weezer song (according to the internets).

But seriously, the Girlfriends show was awesome! Jerry was backed up by a couple of friends and musicians during his set and while it wasn't all Jerry, it was still a pretty good attempt. Jerry can't play everything at the same time live. It would be amazingly frightful if he did though!

Jerry Joiner is a really chill guy and anything he does should be listened to. Plus, it's also really good.
Jerry Joiner's official page

Oh yeah, and this...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Katahdin - Pamola

Katahdin is a blackened death metal band from New England. They shred and trash about mythological creatures from New England's past including and I'm guessing not limited to, Maine's storm spirit, Pamola! 

Katahdin - Pamola (2010)

Yes. I did find these guys while looking for fellow New Englanders, Pamola who I just posted (so I thought it would a nice theme).

At first, I thought this three piecer of a band would be playing some woodsy, from the mountains type black metal like Falls of Rauros (Maine's Black metal/pegan/folk metal band) but that was not the case. These guys lay on the death metal with the blaring double bass, growling mad vox, chainsaws for guitars and (even though I can't hear what it's about) sweet ass historic New England lyrics.  The band still has some black metal elements though; their song Noreaster (those lame bad ass snow storms we get up here or the blizzard type ice cream you can get from Reds south of P-town) is a good example of this in my opinion. 

Also: Even though both the name of the band and the album is named after things from Maine, none of these guys actually reside in Maine. They're from Connecticut. 

Oh well. That's still New England... I guess...


Pamola was once a legendary spirit that resided on top of Maine's tallest mountain, Mt. Katahdin. The
spirit was half man, half eagle and half moose.

In Abenaki Mythology, Pamola caused the storms!

Pamola is now a rad rock band also from Maine that has been making the storms for a good couple of years.

The sounds they produce draw on heavy influences from Slint's Spiderland, early Modest Mouse, DC punk, their friends and many more... the sounds themselves are very much a nice treat of noisy guitars and post whatever. There's also a bit of jazz and I am even starting to hear some folk now (ever since pete, also of Butcher Boy, lends some crazy fiddle work on top of the already out of nowhere sound these guys inflect on their small audiences).

Pamola -  2009 Demo

This summer I caught these guys again with The Waldos and Red Medicine on Poland Street at the Rough Draft House and I was really impressed with their performance since seeing them a year or so ago in Fahmtown, Maine at the show with a very young incarnation of Butcher Boy that I mentioned during their respected post. The drums were tighter and more together, there was some fiddling (not just from the guitars but also from Pete's fiddle which took me by surprise), and some sweet vocals which I previously hadn't heard live. All in all, I'm just glad these guys are still playing!

Along with Pete (perc/vox/fiddle/bass) killing bitches via music moonlighting in Butcher Boy, Bill (guitars) also plays in The Waldos, and Matt (guitar and anything he can get his hands on) also plays in Red Medicine.

Pamola used to also feature Travis of Butcher Boy on the singing mouth drum. Before his introduction to the band, Pamola was simply known as Schrute. Free stuff of interest from Schrute can be found on their page as well as here.
Rough Draft Records
Facespace (because these folks are real people and should be personally insulted for their mess they call music)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday IV

Happy Monday and Happy Columbus day AMERICA!

Now music:

innards - cool out, mthrfkr (2010)

Skramz from Texas. First track really shows.

Kids & Explosions - Shit Computer (2010)

Kids & Explosions is Josh Raskin (who is also an Oscar-nominated Director for his little Beatles film, I Met the Walrus) of Toronto. Kids & Explosions (not to be confused with German post hardcore band Kids Explode) mashes up music like the rest but makes it really glitchy and scratched up. Like, if you actually bought a physical copy of Girl Talk's work and scraped it across some pavement. Just kidding. Who buys Girl Talk..

Also: I forgot how cool the official site was!

Sunny Ali Presents.. SPOOKWAVE - SPOOK WAVE VOL. 1 (2010)

I dunno about you, but I'm really pumped for Halloween already!

Here's some "wave" I can stand by: Halloween infused silly lo-fi party music!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Botch - An Anthology Of Dead Ends

An Anthology Of Dead Ends is the last studio recording from everyone's favorite metalcore pioneers, Botch. These guys may have ended but not only did they go on to more projects, the Botch sound itself went on to cause a chain reaction of other mathcore or metalcore "legends" (love 'em or hate 'em... Botch did that). 

You can definitely hear a much more polished sound from this beautiful EP right here. Rather than showing how mature this band may have become, it keeps you up at night wishing there was more Botch after this...

Botch - An Anthology Of Dead Ends (2002)

This EP also features one of my favorite songs of all time "Afghamistam" a Slint-like tune that incorporates slow moving guitars with spoken word leading to some driving drums, a piano w/ strings break and a wave goodbye to the rest of the album. I wouldn't call it a departure from their sound though because Botch had the song "Swimming the Channel vs. Driving the Chunnel" on We Are The Romans that was also slower and featured subdued vox than the usual heavy and aggressive tone that these guys brought to the metal table. Botch understood that being loud and angry is not all that a band needs and should have to offer. 

That's also the reason I'm not afraid to say that Afghamistam is my favorite Botch song even though it goes against all that you hear in their previous works. If a band can kick your ass by being fast and noisy and then slow it down and be spooky mellow and still kick your ass then you know your listening to some talented individuals. 

I've heard some rumors to why all the song titles are countries with the N's changed to M's but I am not certain as to what the true meaning is. So I'm not going to bother saying the rumors.  

along that yellow line
you'll find the life on the outside

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Tallest Man On Earth part 1

The Tallest Man On Earth really isn't that tall but he surely wants to be the tallest man in your eyes.

The Tallest Man On Earth - The Tallest Man On Earth (2006)

Favorite track: Steal Tomorrow

The Tallest Man On Earth is Kristian Matsson. I remember reading about this guy on some non-existent blog, I think it was Apes With Guns, and all I needed to read was "the Swedish Bob Dylan"for me to be interested. I was really in the mood for some folk at the time (and still am) and so I quickly grabbed his EP and started liking what I was hearing right away. The raw country-grown passion of this means voice is an easy fit to any fan of folk or odd voiced singers. YOu don't even have to be a Dylan fan.

This self-titled EP is his most raw and free work he has put out to date. That being said, I don't think he has really put anything out that I can't enjoy.

P.S. The song "Walk The Line" is not a Johnny Cash cover. Still really good none the less.

The Tallest Man On Earth - Shallow Grave (2008)

Favorite track: Pistol Dreams

The first full release and probably best by TTMOE.

I always feel bad when I make a comparison to another band or artist like every other joe schmo on the internet. whether or not he sounds like Bob Dylan, he's still his own man!
Official site
The tallest man on earth for real

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Irepress & The Goonies

Irepress play a progressive post-metal sound that is quite funky and different. They like to call it "disco metal". It sounds interesting what ever it is.

Irepress - Samus Octology (2007)

The coolest thing about this band is their love of The Goonies. Now, I love The Goonies too, so when I found out they actually synced up their Album, Samus Octology (which sounds more like a Metroid reference) I was absolutely hooked. The end result might just be like putting The Dark Side of the Moon up side by side with The Wizard of Oz where your like yeah that fits I guess, but hey! What a sick idea.

Their used to be a video up on Irepress's Myspace that had the whole movie synced up, if I remember right. I'm guessing it got taken down or something. There is still a few Youtube videos kicking around that show the effects though. I suggest you try it yourself if you have the super sweet 80's kid adventure  flick, The Goonies lying around to hear and see just how it lines up.

Other examples of their fondness for The Goonies include a few sweet Goonie themed banners as well as the song, Fletchie, a drum 'n' bass like song off their next album after Samus Octology, entitled Sol Eye Sea I that features little snippets of sampled lines from Mikey the main character.

I'm not sure if these guys are going to be putting out new music and time soon. They did release a single featuring The Number Twelve Looks Like You's singer, Shaolin Knights in late 2010 which is up for free still. The notes say that they have gone back to their roots when they had two singers doing that sing/scream gibba gabba and weren't playing sweet and sludgy progressive post-rock music. I just hope that's for that one track because to me, that just seems like a step in the wrong direction.

 Also: According to their Myspace, they've shared the same stage with Wu-Tang Clan.
The Goonies

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday III

Got some music for ya.

Kidcrash - Jokes (2007)

Screamo math rock like a less fun Native. Like calculator.

You can download all their released material here. Don't know anything about their next release "Naps".

Nouvelle - Home EP (2011)

Like a young british Defeater.


Mountain Wasp - Jackpines (2011)

Folked up acoustic music from Montréal. Kind of perfect for the start of October.

Mountain Wasp (Rowan Bee) is going to be playing at Jakob Battick's (with his Bloodworm Orchestra of fellow local musicians) last show ever! It's going to be witnessed at the Rough Draft House on Poland Street in Portland October 15th. I won't be able to make it but if you are from around the Portland, Maine area and know Jakob Battick or like dark folk stuff then check it out.

Deniro - Deniro (2002)

I found this band while clicking around after streaming Giraffes? Giraffes! new album, Pink Magick on their Bandcamp (hanse the banner). Deniro included G?G!'s guitarist, Joseph Andreoli (who's other works are all over the Bandcamp) on drums. Sounds like Drive Like Jehu with a little Sonic Youth. The Second song actually sounds a lot like Sonic Youth's "Kool Thing" at some points.

Typhoon - A New Kind of House (2011)

Portland Oregon might be hipper than Portland Maine but I can handle that. Portland Oregon having a hell of a lot of talent just oozing out of it, I'm not so calm about. Too much talent other Portland, cut it out! Just look at Portland folk orchestra Typhoon and their performance on Letterman! there's about a hundred (12) people in this band! Two drummers for a folk band... really? You're killing me!

This band's going to blow up and be really big (bigger than they already are and I'm not just talking about all the people in this band). You just wait. I'm going to hate it!

You let the devil in your home.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


It's hard to think about the girl you'd like to kiss when the world is ending.

Kickball is probably my favorite thing to listen to right now. They play some type of minimal mathy indie rock that is quite unconventional. Jacob Wilson combines his sparse twinkly guitar work reminiscent of Dilute (to me) and uncontrollably desperate cries for help to bring up a super rad new experience of music. Wilson's awkward voice spills out over the band like a frightful boy who has seen too much.  Maybe it's not what he's seen but knows. He often repeats what he is saying like there is some kind of argent message in the word play. The drums are usually played with the instruments rather than for or accompanying. It's all good.

Kickball - Everything is a Miracle Nothing is a Miracle Everything Is (2007)

I'm not sure what these guys and gal are up to but I don't think they are calling it quits right now!

The drummer, Lisa Ann Schonberg wrote a cute little picture and words book on drumming called The DIY Guide to Drums. She also played in the all girl band Explode Into Colors with former/present members of Tender Forever, Thunder!Thunder!Thunder, Hornet Leg, and Japanther (

Members also play in another hard to google band, Lake. I don't know which one(s).

Similar acts/sounds: Ape Up!, Explode Into Color, Clarissa Explains It All, Dilute, CLARA CLARA, Lake, etc. etc. etc................
Highfives and Handshakes Records
If you build a house at the beach
It's automatically a beach house