Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Phantom Carriage - Falls

The Phantom Carriage - Falls (2013)

Combining black metal and hardcore like no ones business, The Phantom Carriage took me by surprise the first time I heard their 2011 release, New Things about a year back. The Phantom Carriage's careless take on all things heavy and unholy really makes all that they do stand out.

The Phantom Carriage's new release, Falls takes you on a ghostly ride through dark hardcore riffs and blistering drumming with neither ever really staying in the lines of straight-forward black metal for more than a few minutes. This sort of constant changing of style continuously weaving throughout the album is perfectly executed with little to no difficulty; a big factor to why I find this band so interesting and refreshing.

Highlights: "Today We Stand", "Dreamers Will Never Stop Dreaming", "About Being a Father", and "Rejuvenation"

By the way, if you haven't seen The Phantom Carriage, essentially the new year's eve version of A Christmas Carol, I highly recommend it. It's streamable on Youtube currently and is probably in public domain considering it's from 1921 - if not - the book Thy Soul Shall Bear Witness, which The Phantom Carriage is based off of, definitely is. The Phantom Carriage is also known for its ax scene which bears a striking resemblance to that of the one in The Shining (1980). You know, the one "Here's Johnny!" scene.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Captain Hollow's Greatest Hits

Captain Hollow - Greatest Hits (2013)

When news first broke out on the internet that Captain Hollow were supposedly releasing their long-overdue debut album that has been in the works for at least 100 Maine band years, I was pretty pumped like the rest of you. But upon hearing the name of the new album, I initially snickered to myself saying, "laugh out loud, they are calling it Greatest Hits". I didn't laugh because I thought it was funny that they named what we all thought was going to be their first full-length release, Greatest Hits, I laughed because that is exactly what I wanted to call my first album when I was a youngster with a big dream of becoming a famous rock star. Despite my parents who tried so hard to keep me away from the rock star lifestyle seeing as they decided to name me Keith Thomas rather than Keith Richards, it was still my dream and prime focus for at least most of primary school.

But I digress.

Now that the album is out and about on the internet though, I can see why they named it Greatest Hits, and it's not because they read my inner monologue either. As a first-time listener to Captain Hollow, you may not see anything out of the ordinary about this album since everything is new to you anyways, but for someone who has been following these guys for too long now like myself, it is pretty clear what's up; this album is really Captain Hollow's greatest hits. The bulk of this album contains the innards of their first EP released a few years back ("Big Eyes", "Chewelah", and "The Bitter Tea of Yen") and one from their 2011 Tour EP ("Hour of Need"), plus a few previously unrecorded tracks, and a pretty much new to my ears at least track and single, "Blurry". And there you have it! The best hits of Captain Hollow all rolled into one eight song album for your listening pleasure, absolutely free while supplies last!

What's wrong with having a greatest hits album at this point, anyway? Adele already has at least 4 greatest hits albums and she's only been around since 2010 when Jack Penate donned a fat lady suit to get more attention in the US...

Who's Jack Penate?


Highlights: Every song is a highlight at 8 tracks. The new ones, "Meow Meow" (yep, they named their song that), "(All Fucked Up) Together", and "Stephanie Cornwitch"

Anyways, I guess that'a all I have to say about Greatest Hits. Was I hoping for more new tracks? Of course, but Captain Hollow just seem to be one of those bands you can't kill. They haven't gotten that Maine band memo that breaking up is way cooler than playing shows for maybe 50 people on a good night. Cappy Hollow will be coming out with a sequel to Greatest Hits five years from today; just you wait!

Thank You, Captain Hollow for never giving up! You were born and raised in a summer haze bound by the surprise of your glory. XOXOXOXOX

Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday 69


RAGANA - All's Lost (2012)

This is Olympia, Washington RAGANA's first release, entitled, All's Lost. It features the same intense witchy black metal that their new album, Unbecoming has. Personally though, I just listen to both albums, starting with this one, back to back. Nonstop. Every night.

Billy Carr - Family Planning? (2013)

No album artwork yet!

Billy Carr is the solo project of William B. Carr formerly of The Waldos.

Billy sings and plays guitar in a very different way; a different but cool and refreshingly new way. I recently saw Billy play some of these songs at The Butcher Boy/Speaker for the Dead show at Mayo Street Arts in Portland with Peter McLaughlin accompanying him on drums, and while it seemed a bit overwhelming in the electric setting they were performing at, I really do enjoy these songs the way they are recorded here just with acoustic guitar and vocals. No offence to Peter (who also provides phenomenal percussion on Lady Lamb The Beekeeper's new album, Ripley Pine) what so ever, I just think that these songs make sense acoustically. At least for the time being...

I do wish there was some artwork, though.

Ooh, and I almost forgot: Billy Carr also has a doubling session with Matt Houston (formerly of Red Medicine) which is available both for streaming and downloading. It also comes with artwork! Check it out!

Host - There's nothing up there but heavy clouds (2012)

I'm pretty pumped to announce that Host, the dark and dreary hardcore outfit from New Hampshire who, I might add, released a very fine split with KYOTY last year will be playing in Portland this coming Sunday - which I can go to since it will kick off my spring break.

The show is being put on by the hard-working folks of Dirigimus Cooperative, which means that this show is probably in a semi-secret location somewhere or behind the train tracks somewhere. It's also being put on around 3 o'clock in the afternoon so you will still have time to make it to church!

Because fuck the police.

Monday, February 18, 2013


Happy belated 50th birthday to Michael Jordan. Thanks for Space Jam, all those Hanes commercials, Space Jam, Air Jordans, and always keeping it real. I hope to be just like Mike someday.


Be Still, Cody - Type 7 (2013)

Be Still, Cody - yes, more Wes Anderson related things - is the new project of Nathan and Monty from Studying along with DJ and Paul from Cape Farewell (a new name to me).

It's similar to Studying but also a little different because it's not Studying. Got it?

Also, "And Bye-Bye" is another movie reference, this time from the 2002 Paul Thomas Anderson flick, Punch-Drunk Love, and features a sample of Adam Sandler's character, Barry going to the dentist for advice. And then Barry smashing things.

I like to collect these little songs like "And Bye-Bye" with samples from movies and TV in particular. If you know any songs/bands or whatever that I may not that have movie/TV samples, feel free to share them with me!


Whenskiesaregray - What Can Not Be Reversed (2013)


It's been a while since I've posted some good old fashion screamo/post hardcore stuff...

Here's Whenskiesaregray's new EP instead.


The Waldos - Sans (2013)

After weeks and weeks of waiting, it's finally here!

Portland's mega sweet math rock band that was way too cool to still be alive so they broke up band, The Waldos.

Even though I have only listened to Sans all the way through once so far, I know that it's going to be one of those albums that I'm going to be spinning (metaphorically on iTunes) a lot this year. And hey, you should too!

This is the part where I talk about The Waldos guitarist and drummer's jazz side project, Pastel Sound Explosion. Is it any suppose that these guys also play jazz, though? Take a listen to Sans and I think you'll find the answer.

Only good stuff, no less. Just really skilled and can never be seen live again kind of good stuff.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy V-Day!

Lover or no lover, here's some music to get you through this lovely day!

Dirty South Joe & Flufftronic - Luvstep IV: A New Hope (2013)

I don't know whether I like these annual mixes by Dirty South Joe & Flufftronic or the teasers posted months in advantage for them...

This years' Luvstep mix includes artists and remixes/remixers such as M83, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Adventure Club, Zeds Dead, Hundred Waters, Star Slinger, and many, many more.

Put this bad boy on and feel the love... all night long. Or approximately one hour and seventeen minutes if you can only sit through it once.

Here's the teaser by the way:

Every year they use a romantic scene from a movie where music is involved and replace that music with a song from the mix. This years' teaser is from Moonrise Kingdom, one of my favorite films from last year because I'm white and love Wes Anderson flix.

The Hundred Acre Woods, Julia Brown, Modern Baseball, Old Gray - 4-Way V-Day Split (2013)

Not only is this 4-way split for Valentine's Day, it's also another one of those releases with a super good cause. All proceeds from the purchase of this 4 song release via Topshelf Records go to V-Day, "a global charity to end violence against women and girls".

The four bands included in this release are The Hundred Acre Woods (whom I've never listen to until now), Julia Brown (Sam Ray of Teen Suicide, etc.'s new and totally listenable project), Modern Baseball (whom I've recently featured on a Friday Streaming), and Old Gray (acoustic like the rest of the pack).

Enjoy and have a great V-Day! <3

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


This Town Needs Guns - (2013)

TTNG have a new album.

I'm late to the game, but here it is.

Although this album features the new line-up of Henry Tremain from Pennines as Stuart Smith's replacement, Tim Collis not trying to play every note at once on the guitar, and Chris Collis playing dem drums really really god-like, doesn't sound that much different from the solid albums previously released by the pioneers of math pop from Oxford, England.

And while this is very good news for TTNG fans, I'm actually kind of surprised at just how similar it sounds to Animals and their self-title. Honestly, I was expecting a shockingly new style and format from these guys now that Stuart is gone. Then again, I always complain when my favorite "math" related acts go off and try to change up their style (Tera Melos), so maybe the fact that Henry Tremain has completely nailed his role as Stuart down to a science is actually just what I wanted and should be satisfied with what I have. Right?

Why mess with perfection, anyway?

Highlights: "Cat Fantastic", "Havoc in the Forum", "I'll Take the Minute Snake", "Nice Riff, Clichard" (I love me some sea sounds), "+3 Awesomeness Repels Water", and "A Different Kind of Tall (small)" still has a different sound to it now that Stuart is gone and I recommend anyone who hasn't listened yet to definitely do so. And if anyone hasn't listened to This Town Needs Guns before... listen to everything you can by them - immediately!

Well, maybe not everything. Original This Town Needs Guns (first demo) is kind of ugly step-child material that nobody really wants to talk about. You can give it a try if you want; it's really not that bad. It's just kind of, well, awkward.

Official page
Sargent House

Monday, February 11, 2013


That Monday where the pope quit.

Dore Mear Beon - Dore Mear Beon EP (2012)

Here's some Canadian math rock for ya. Apparently it's that sort of one man (Andrew Sagriff) math rock stuff which always makes me wonder if it's naturally done or with the help of fancy technically and newfangled computer magic. However it's created though, it still sounds great and right up my alley.

Track 2 features a sample from Richard Linklater's philosophical talky film, Waking Life. You know, that kind of talky film where you feel really smart afterwards and totally better than anyone else who hasn't seen it before.

Tawny Peaks - Tawny Peaks (2012)

I'm a bit surprised I haven't shared these guys before seeing how long I've been holding on to this self-title and such.

Recently, I rediscovered these guys on Spotify no less and have been getting to know their music a lot more than before. So here they are now!

Tawny Peaks play twinkly, sometimes acoustic - sometimes electric, sometimes male vocals - sometimes female vocals - sometimes both, emotional  music out of New Jersey.

Real Kind - Hard Red Winter (sketches) (2012)

Real Kind is the warm and fuzzy-feel moniker of Marissa Owens from Portland, Maine when she plays warm and fuzzy music.

A good friend of mine suggested I give Real Kind and her album Hard Red Winter a try - I did and it was a perfect accompaniment to my loner weekend stuck in Northern Maine thanks to that little snow storm we had. Ironically however, a folk show that I was invited to in Portland this weekend that was canceled due to Nemo, included... that's right... Marissa Owens!

This version of Hard Red Winter is just a "sketch" of what the real thing will sound like when it is officially released this April. Or maybe this is just an April Fools Day joke because this album is already perfect the way it is.

Whatever happens though, you'll be sure to hear about it right here on NFT.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

NFT's Got You Covered - RSO tackles Flippers' Generic Album!

RSO - Generic (2013)

Filthy blues crust, RSO takes on Flipper's punk rock essential, Album - Generic Flipper or just Generic.

I had the interesting pleasure of seeing RSO play a show in a dirty warehouse behind the train station about a half a year back and was very surprised to find that "RSO" was just one guy who stands on a platform, wails on his guitar, shouts bloody none sense, and stomps all the while wearing a tuxedo. I'm not sure if this is always RSO or the rest of the band just couldn't find the warehouse's coordinates but I thoroughly enjoyed his performance none the less... my girlfriend on the other hand, not so much.

Truthfully, this guy in the tuxedo and the uncontrollable erg to play blues and stomp as hard as he can is actually Ryan Owens, formerly of New Jersey but now residing in good ol' Maine.

RSO (I'm guessing those are his initials?)'s money rendition of Generic also comes with a double take of "Living For The Depression" and a few live renditions as well.

My only question now: where is "Sex Bomb"?

Official site
Dirigimus Cooperative


Correspondences - Christmas // Devil Town (2012)

Correspondences of Portland, Maine released this 7 1/2" at their farewell show back in November... Without me knowing, of course.

It's got two tracks, an original number called, "Christmas (Baby, Please Don't Go)" and "Devil Town" - a doom rendition of Daniel Johnston's haunting a capella about the struggles of living in a devil town with vampires as friends that you didn't know were vampires.

So yeah, it's pretty great!

I'm guessing this album is labeled Lee as in the drummer, Lee King. I'm almost positive it's all Correspondences, though.

Anyways, enjoy!


Monday, February 4, 2013


More boring and less hyped than MBV and the Super Bowl commercials combined, It's Monday #66!

RAGANA - Unbecoming (2013)

RAGANA is a witchy guitar/drums post black metal/doom band from Olympia, Washington.

These ladies should come play a show with Correspondences, Portland's residential all-female cello-driven doom act. 

That'd be fun.

Oh wait, too bad Correspondences broke up...

Anyways, this is RAGANA's new release, Unbecoming. It is followed by another nice album, All's Lost - released last June.

Mumblr - White Jesus EP (2012)

I'm having a hard time defining what Mumblr from Philly sound like other than funky, fun indie rock.

That sounds totally lame, I know, but it's all I think of when I listen to them and their release from last October, entitled, White Jesus.

An Anderson - 2 Song Sampler (2013)

Out of the ashes of Red Medicine (super gnarly Portland/Farmington math-y post punk whatever) comes an all new and totally too-good-for-their-own-good band called, An Anderson (Featuring Red Med's Dan Smith) - not to be confused with Arn Anderson, the Four Horseman enforcer who always had the back of Ric Flair and was one hell of a tag team competitor.

I'm not sure where the name of origin An Anderson comes from really but maybe one of the members: Ron Harrity, Dan Smith, Stefan Hanson, or Elijah True can.

It feels just like yesterday Red Medicine called it quits and played their super good last show with CUSS and Captain Hollow. Now all of the sudden Dan Smith's new band, this one right here, is already recording stuff. Granted, it's just a demo, but it's a pretty impressive demo, no doubt. Despite being called a "2 Song Sampler", this sampler actually has 3 tracks. And despite it being called a "rough demo", this demo is actually not that rough. It's good enough for me!

I can't wait to hear more from An Anderson in the future, though.

Stay tuned in for more on these guys right here for sure!

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Friday, February 1, 2013

NFT's January mix

January actually seemed pretty lengthy...

Tomorrow we find out just how long this winter will last as well -  thanks to Punxsutawney Bill Murray.

NFT January 2013 mix:


PS: lots of these tracks are "song of the day" on my side project blog thingy, NFT Presents: Song and Match of the day.