Monday, May 28, 2012


Happy Memorial Day, America!

Always keeping it real!

Japandroids - Post-Nothing (2009)

Canadian lol-fi garage rock about getting a ride to Bikini Island to kiss some french girls, worrying about dying, girls being as cold as the North Pole (they know because they've been there), and then quitting girls all together.

The hype ship has pretty much set sail on this album since its blog-talkative release in 2009, but I still like to listen to it. It surely hasn't lost any relevancy with me yet.

Oh, and I guess they have a new album... I don't know.


Halfway to Holland - Discography

Halfway to Holland is pre-Algernon Cadwallader, a band I was fortunate enough to see the other night. If you know Algernon Cadwallader then this is a little more emo and with a bit more Blink 182 pop punk flare. If you don't know Algernon Cadwallader, you should check them out first. I'm not saying the prequel isn't as good as the sequel, it's just, you will get a good kick out of this a little more if you heard what they became. If that makes any sense.

My favorite track has to be, "It Comes With the Territory" which features the voice of Bill Murray from the almost perfect movie for this time of year, Meatballs (and Sexual Awareness Week). Give it a go!

By the way, Algernon were totally awesome and played up a storm as much as they could for how late it got when they finally were on. That also meant they couldn't play as many songs as I hoped they would. Plus, Pachangacha just had to show up and steal the whole show. Also, I felt a little bad afterwards about not grabbing up any of Algernon Cadwallader's merch or meeting them after the show but I had only just learned Chalk Talk's side project (that's Pachangacha) would be playing with them the night before. So yeah, I got a little overzealous about that. Algernon was still great though, don't get me wrong. The show actually went so well that I would have to say it was better than Men in Black 3. Yep, you heard it here first; Algernon Cadwallader live is better than Men in Black 3 at the drive-ins. Men in Black 1 and 2 would be different story of course.

The Devil and a Penny - Roots. (2011)

Along with Algernon Cadwallader, Pachangacha, and the local pop punk rarity Laces Out, there was also a band on the bill called The Devil and a Penny and when I asked around about them no one seemed to know who they were, not even the other musicians that were playing last night. So when I went down to see them (since it was a house show at a punk house), I was kind of surprised to find five pretty diverse looking people with instruments at hand. The singer in particular reminded me of Hardy Morris of Dead Confederate though when he began to sing it sounded almost like he was going for a Bradford Cox of Deerhunter (and Atlas Sound) impression. But the music going on behind him did not just sound like drowned out indie rock with reverb to go along with reverb. No, actually the accompaniment of the four other normal looking characters were actually playing some groovy beats and noodly riffage. All in all, these mysterious guys (and gal on the bass), where quite the surprise and definitely kept me entertained. I was always interested in hearing what that had to play next.

"Roots." is not necessarily a good example of what I had seen of The Devil and a Penny but more of the blueprints of probably what started as one of the musician's little hobby and now is a full-fledged band with full-fledged sound. The recordings that I've heard so far jump around from indie rock to folk to ambient and back again just to prove that The Devil and a Penny are as diverse in sound as the people in the band.

Members of this band are also in the band Flesh Forest and The Elephant Only Zoo. I say members but I think it may just be the lead singer. Please don't quote me on that though. I do know however, that they release their music on the indie record label, New Neighbor. Check it all out!

Dead Confederate - Dead Confederate EP

And speaking of Hardy Morris, Dead Confederate, and even Memorial Day, Dead Confederate's 2007 debut self-titled EP features all of the above.

It also features a less polished than the LP version of "The Rat", dusty psychedelic/miserable southern rocker jams like "Get Out" and "Shadow The Walls", a straight-up psychedelic epic in "Tortured-Artist Saint" and one of the saddest songs I have ever heard called, "Memorial Day Night".

Even though I may have since grown out of my Dead Confederate days, I still come back to this EP once and a while to remind me of how much of an impact it has had on my life. And every Memorial Day I listen to "Memorial Day Night" to remind me just how somber and emotionally gripping it is. Along with being on my personal saddest songs of all time list, I would have to say it also has a spot on my top 20 favorite songs of all time along with "The Rat" and "Goner".

Be sure to also check out Hardy Morris in the super group of the year, Diamond Rugs and their new self-titled debut. Diamond Rugs is Dead Confederate + Deer Tick + Black Lips + Los Lobos.

Kinda fun fact: The cover is of their mascot, the 'Spider Bomb'. It has 10 legs.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Clarissa Explains It All

Clarissa Explains It All was an early 90's hit TV series on Nickelodeon starring Melissa Joan Hart (probably better known by the kids now a days as Sabrina, The Teenage Witch) as the sassy Clarissa Darling, who yes, explains it all. Every fucking thing. Along with Clarissa, is Sam Anders, a young man who sneaks in to her room late at night with his trusty ladder, a dastardly tool into a woman's heart as well as her panties and the parents never once catch him with it or in the act. Sam is everything I have ever wanted to be. Clarissa is everything I have ever wanted. What is there more to like? The show lasted for 5 whole seasons - which in kids show numbers is really only like 65 episodes.

Clarissa Explains It All was/is also the name of a band from San Francisco that sound just like they were from the goofy time historians cleverly named the 90's due to it occurring just after the 80's. Though these gentlemen did not release the small amount of work they had recorded in the time before the 2000's, it definitely seems like these guys took some notes from the 90's emo/indie rock scene at their rock 'n' roll high school. Others though could argue that they may have skipped all their classes there and just made up something totally new and completely out there all on their own. They didn't even attend the part of the class were the teacher taught you how to make up cool bands, maybe like 'word followed by numbers' or 'color + cool word', so they just stole one from a 90's Nick flick that they watched like once at their cousin's house after his bar mitzvah or something. You're guess is as good as mine.

Anyways, here's the band Clarissa Explains It All and their first demo... also known as the Jonathan Lipnicki demo... and their extended play (yeah, that's what that stands for), IDK 3D EP

Clarissa Explains It All - Demo (2009)

If there's one thing for sure, it's that these guys sound a lot like Rainbow Tornado (posted them yesterday). That's no coincidence however, seeing as they both feature the vocal stylings of Ray. I don't think I really have any way of explaining what his vox sound like and neither could Clarissa for that matter.

Clarissa Explains It All - IDK 3D EP (2010)

I'd have to say that the demo stuff is my favorite. Especially with the random lyrics and catchy as all get out repeated lines that Chalk Talk is big on and totally sweet. Their EP still has a lot of moving parts and all that but lacks the memorabilia that the demo has. Every song asks a very important question like "who put the drugs in my drink/do I owe you money or was that for free?" or "what pet should I get?" or "why would you eat sunflower seeds?". There's even songs about being kidnappers and being thrifty. Everyday problems since the 90's for sure.

Whether these guys are still playing together is a mystery to me. It would be awesome if they were though!

Similar acts/sounds: Rainbow Tornado, Oh My God Elephant, Chalk Talk, Adam & Naive, Palmkite, Footnotes, Mane Horse, tussin, Hawkward, Girlfriends, Pachangacha, Kickball, and... look it how cool all those bands are.... damn...


Bonus for the LOL's: here's Clarissa Explains It All them for 13 minutes:

I listened to it all. I'm sorry.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday XXXVI

Instagramed for more likes.

Hold Tight! - Call The Zoo (2011)

Lego pop punk from Richmond, Virginia. Every song is under a minute and stuff.

Death To False Records

Rainbow Tornado - Fancy Cookies (2007)

Twinkly emo with goofy lyrics/vox. They were originally called Oh My God Elephant but switched to Rainbow Tornado, released Fancy Cookies, and then called it quits. Members went on to form Clarissa Explains It All (the awesome band not the awesome show), tussin, Hawkward, and do dnt spk. If you like this, you'll absolutely like (or love, if that's what you're into) Clarissa Explains It All and/or vice-versa.

Are You For Spiritual?

Weekend Nachos - Worthless (2011)

There's not a lot I can say about this one that other blogs haven't already said.... so I won't. I remember giving these guys a listen a while back before the release of Worthless last year and I distinctively remember them being quite the grindcore outfit. The more I listen to them now though, I can also hear the hardcore and 'powerviolent' sounds that their music displays. Worthless however, is much more on the hardcore driven side of things (not that grindcore isn't a good direction) and even has people saying that it was not only the best hardcore album of the year but also "the most vitriolic hardcore album of the new millenium". I don't know about that, or even what that means, but I would have to admit that it is pretty damn good. Balls-busting good.


Hop Along - Get Disowned (2012)

Hop Along, formerly 'Hop Along, Queen Ansleis' (the side project of singer/songwriter, Frances Quinlan), just released their first full-fledged album a couple weeks ago after two years of recording and jamming in a warehouse in Philadelphia. I don't want to scare you away by saying it's not as good as 'freshman year' but that was a masterpiece in my eyes (and ears). Get Disowned is still a super sweet treat and has all the tasty bits we heard from Frances Quinlan and her super additive and catchy vocals when it was just her but now it's not just her. AKA it has more instruments playing in the background and occasional back-up vocals, but other than that it is everything I could have asked for, no doubt. Give it a try for yourself though, please!

My favorite track as of right now would have to be, "Tibetan Pop Stars".

I would sure love to see these outstanding musicians come up to my neck of the woods to play sometime...

(sorry no DL)

Saturday, May 19, 2012


You wanna party?


KYOTY - Loud walls-of-sound post metal from NH. Necks will break.

WARANIMAL - More like PartyAnimal; Thrashed out metal from P-town. Bodies will break.

The Coalsack in Crux - Former members of the late Conifer. Recently nominated for 'best new act' in the Portland Phoenix music poll thing; voting ended yesterday.

ATHABASKA - Members of Swaath and WARANIMAL.... Portland Hardcore.

WARANIMAL interview



My friend, just the other day, sent me a nice little link to KYOTY's demo! It's much more post rock than the previous stuff I've posted here but still totally awesome. I'd suggest that you use the bathroom before listening because 1) It's totally awesome and 2) every song starts with water splashing up on the shore and may cause a sudden need to piss your pants. Maybe the latter only affects me, I don't know, just a warning.

KYOTY - Demo

Now let's party!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Wolfgasm - Wolfgasm (2012)

While I never gave too much thought about anything by the short-lived Wolfgasm project of mid-late 2010 ever seeing the light of day, I had always hoped to at least post something about them since it was made of some of my closest friends and comrades. I guess I should have known better though, since this band was lead by local legend and runner of his own music archive, meaning he has probably kept every song he has ever recorded with every band he has ever been in, Jesse Gertz (known 'round these parts of town as the Total Babe of Babies, Glass Fingers). And while some members of this now super defunct indie rock slam jam are either MIA, not with us anymore, (the late Martin Smith, whose music has also been archived and saved by Gertz and released posthumously after his death with little extra goodies and what-have-you) or mad... There is still the song that featured them all, and that would be the first and only completely 'Wolfgasmic' song, "Courting". It's not for nothing that this one song exists it's just that sometimes somethings just don't work out quite like the way you want it to. For the rest of this four song teaser, it is mostly just the Jesse Gertz indie rock show, not that there is anything wrong with that, it's just not the full band of goof balls and degenerates that sported the good name of Wolfgasm.

Fun fact: I stepped in to the studio (Gertz's basement) and sat done behind the kit for one of the last (to my understanding) Wolfgasm practices. Ever.

The artwork by the way is by the world famous artist, Sean Terrence Best. Check him out and like him on the facebooks!

Similar acts/sounds: Glass Fingers, Jesse Gertz, Martin Smith, Twisted Truth, Saint Monday, Airplane Robert, Pecan Sandies, The Modest Proposal, The Fuse, Airway Robbery, Eyes Like Fire, Wulfgasm, Sugar Ray, Grunt, Captain Hollow, Tony Smokes and the Ladykillers, Sawtopsy, If and It, Dead Man's Clothes, Unexpected92, CJ the Kid, The Hot Dogs, Metal Feathers, Chingy, Sisqo, ODB, and none of the above.

PS: Borelli is mad.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday XXXV

I honestly don't know how much that is.

Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass - Baby Steps (2011)

Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass is a pop/folk punk band from VT. Definitely for fans of Nana Grizol, Spoonboy, The Max Levine Ensemble, Toby Foster, and Defiance, Ohio. This is their latest release to date, "Baby Steps".

Kvelertak - Kvelertak (2011)

"Black 'n' Roll" from Norway. One of the best albums last year, if not best metal album. Lots of heaviness and aggression oozing with hardcore/black metal/rock 'n' roll influences. If I knew what they were shouting about, it would probably be about bad ass norse gods and the bad assery that they ensue. Thought I'd post these guys after seeing The Avengers this weekend... I'm not a big Thor fan but I got to say that that guy can kick some major Loki ass. The other guys were cool too, I guess.  EXCEPT, WHERE THE FUCK WAS ANT MAN! It's like they replaced him with this stupid "walk on you like an ant" theme One-Eyed Willy L. Jackson kept pushing. I don't give a flying-Stan-Lee-cameo-fuck about Black Widow and her "I have red hair and it's a metaphor for Russia" and "I dare you to not look at my ass" bull crap... There was already that lady from How I Met Your Mother standing in as eye candy for us all, anyways. They could have replaced her (Black Widow) and the DJ Marky Mark look-a-like with a bow and arrow (Hawkeye) with Ant Man and I think they could have really had something going for them and the minor superhero storyline(s) they were subtly trying to quickly-as-possible shove done our throat. I just wanted to see a little man turn into a big man, one that didn't talk about his bigger self or "other guy" like it was his penis (The new Incredible Hulk). Is that too hard to ask? 

Kvelertak's name means chokehold and the art-work is by the demigod of metal art, John Dyer Baizley. Nuff said. 

Locktender - Collected (2012)

Emotionally charged Hardcore and post-whatever. Essentially just Men As Trees but two years removed and now from Cleveland, Ohio. That being said though, "Collected" and their new project as Locktender is totally happening and lightyears better than being broken up or on hiatus.

The Earth is a Man - The Earth is a Man (2010)

Lately here on NFT's weekly "Monday" series, it seems I've been throwing up any math rock band I can't find a place for anywhere else and calling it a day without having anything to say about them, and while this may be true a couple of times now, this band right here surely has something to talk about. Not only has The Earth is a Man found a nice little sound they can call their own but may have earned themselves a top contenders spot as one of thee coolest unknown bands as they were the band to lend their instruments, studio, and virtuosity to the Tim in Tim & Eric's Awesome Show Great Job! and Billion Dollar Movie, Tim Heidecker who decided he wanted to cover a Bob Dylan song for no reason one day.

The Earth is a Man + Tim Heidecker - All the Tired Horses (2012)

Yep, this really happened. Tim Heidecker had some time off last February and decided that he would try to submit a Dylan cover for Amnesty International's new Dylan tribute album, "Chimes of Freedom". Heidecker put out a twitter thingy (not sure what it's called, sorry) in hopes of using a local Chicago band's studio and the boys of The Earth is a Man answered his call (or tweet, I guess). Unfortunately the cover didn't make the cut onto the CD, which is a big boomer to a former Amnesty Club-er like myself.. But hey, at least it exists and is for free on The Earth is a Man's bandcamp

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day. Hope everyone has a cool mom like me. If not... get a new one!

Songs for Moms - I Used To Believe In The West (2009)

Not really Mother's Day related but I don't think they would mind me plugging them here for their name. But hey, nothing really says Mother's Day more than female melodic/pop punk anyways. Am I right or am I right? Fun, fun stuff.



Nothing says Mother's Day like whistling about it, either:

Thank yo mamas.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Adam & Naive - Every Starry Night

Adam & Naive - Every Starry Night (2010)

With the rain finally clearing for one second in my neck of the woods and finals on the horizon, it really only hit me today that summer vacation is almost here. For the lucky ones reading who are already on vacation or do not have anything holding them down from enjoying the hopefully warm and end-of-spring-here-we-go-summer days ahead, this is definitely something you want to check out and listen to while I sit in a classroom filled with a bunch of people I've had to deal with since elementary school, some even from kindergarden, and finish my very last high school final. Ever. And while this might not be of any concern or care to you, I thought I would throw that out there.

To the subject at hand....

Adam & Naive, the band from NY and its music, is something. What that something is I can only describe using words and phrases like: summer, friends, funky, chill-maxing, fucking, warm, sun, Capri Sun pouches, pool parties, campfires on the beach, pizza, and stuff. I could probably take all these words and expressions and make a comprehensible well-written and well-thought-out thesis or music-to-word analysis to go along with Adam & Naive and their 2010 sunburst of an album, "Every Starry Night", a piece of work that could easily be a top contender for my summer '11 soundtrack, but I would rather just say those words. That's just how Adam & Naive's music is for me.

Feelings. Woah, deep.

Along with capturing a whole season in one album some how, "Every Starry Night" truly has a lot to offer. Whether it's the fact that it sounds just like the album cover or that someone bumped up the bass on the recording to give it a subtle math rock-ish feel while not actually being math rock, emo, or twinkly at all. The drumming is super fun-sounding is probably what I'm really trying to say, I guess, I don't know... I just like the way it sounds is all. I like the way it all sounds. It all sounds super fun. It is all super fun. Ahhhhhhhhh

To see and hear just who these fine gentlemen are, they do have goofy little documentary from 2007 that looks like someone's video production class final project (ironically, that is a final I will be doing very soon). It is however, a good look at who is in the band and just the kind of folks we are dealing with. The documentary is 5 or so years old, so I'm guessing they have grown up a bit more then when this masterpiece was conceived. For what it's worth though, These guys still played cooler music back then than any of the bands I played in at that age. Scratch that... any band I have ever played in.

 Even if their favorite artists were Picasso, Nelly, Nelly Furtado, or Click Five.

All their music is free off Practice Room Records. A record/collective started by the band to sponsor and release their work as Adam & Naive along with all the other projects they are in. There's also a video of the A&N gang a little older talking about this release up there on PRR's /Adam & Naive/ page. It features some mad pizza tricks! Check it out!

Similar acts/sounds: Animal Collective, Palmkite, Chalk Talk, Deer Leap, The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die, penpal, Trestin Eeling, City Museum, Glass Frog and other Practice Room acts.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dilute - Grape Blueprints Pour Spinach Olive Grape

Dilute - Grape Blueprints Pour Spinach Olive Grape (2002)

Minimal/maximum math rock featuring the one and only Marty Anderson. 

This is Grape Blueprints Pour Spinach Olive Spinach from 2002ish. It makes my skin crawl. 

The tracks "Apple" and "Alphabet" were also played on Dilute's live split with Hella. 

Along with Anderson's side project, Okay and his secret identity as Jacques Kopstein, the man behind Dilute's jagged guitar work and high-pitched dialect also has a song named after him by the newly-signed-to Topshelf math-rock-power-hour, Duck. Little Brother, Duck! Youtube it! 

I don't actually know if it is on Youtube, but this is...

The drummer for Dilute, Jay Pellicci is/was also in the bands, 31knots and Natural Dreamers.

Similar acts/sounds: Okay, 31knots, Natural Dreamers, 3nd, Hella, Kickball, Medications, Cinemechanica, Sleeping People, Pretend, Duck. Little Brother, Duck!, Planets, Howard Hello, Crime in Choir, Jacques Kopstein, and whatever else. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday XXXIV

Happy Siete de Mayo!

Scooby-Doo pop punk/orgcore. Features members of Iron Chic, Small Arms Dealer and Jonesin'. 

Laid-back math rock/post rock/twinkly stuff. They're not from around here. 

Bleak metal. Very rough recording wise but for what it's worth, it was recorded with the help of Falls of Rauros and their rehearsal space, so that's pretty cool. They're from around here.

Snail Party - B.F.C.S.D. (2011)

Folk punk from people who dirty themselves up in Halifax. There's accordions, singing saws, bingos, string-y guitars, and a CocoRosie cover, and even a kit kat pizza at an orphanage. I don't know what that means but I want some. 

"Ignorant Kids" is probably my favorite track, hands down. 

Maths - MMVII (2008)

Maths is definitely one of the top screamo acts out there, in my opinion, not to mention one of the first real(ly good) screamo bands I started listening to along with Daitro and Houston We Have A Problem. That's probably why I started scratching my head as to why I have yet to post anything by 2/3 of the bands that got me started in this whole scream-y emotional mess. I'm talk about the genre screamo, of course. I wouldn't try to get all personal and weird on you like that. Anyways though, I figured that while an essential NFT post would be in order for the albums that really got me going, I figured I'd post this nice little gem from Maths that includes demos, DIY EP songs, a Jeromes Dream cover, bonus tracks and the very first song they ever wrote, "2356". Sorry I didn't have much to say other this today but I'm not in a big chit chat mood. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

There Will Be Fireworks

There Will Be Fireworks - There Will Be Fireworks (2009)

Since I mentioned this album in my last post, I figured I'd post it now for your enjoyment and your ears. Plus, it really does go hand and hand with 'Travels In Constants 13' by Appendix Out, in my opinion.

There Will Be Fireworks is an indie/post rock/shoegaze-y band from Glasgow. Their self-title debut was self-released in 2009 and features a whole bunch or scottish accents, spoken word by Kevin Macneil*, orchestral instrumentation and fanfare, emotional and angsty autumn/spring feels, and yes, even fireworks.


With all the twists and turns of this album like that of changing seasons, you can absolutely tell this album took a year to record. Take it for what it is and ignore the name. Or the haters. Or love the name. Or love the haters.

*The three spoken word bits are performed by:

Kevin Macneil, who lent his voice for the first track, "Columbian Fireworks". The narration was written and recorded exclusively for the band.


Marshall Craigmyle, the bands soundman, on the track, "A Kind of Furnace". He was reading a passage from the Ian McEwan book, Enduring Love.


Lastly, Edward R. Murrow quickly appears on the end of "Says Aye". Murrow is sampled from a 50's US Government informercial about nuclear warfare.

I sound like I know a lot about this album but I really just read this play-by-play article I found on Check it out after or before listening if you want, depending on if you like ruining surprises or not.

Similar acts/sounds: We Were Promised Jetpacks, The Twilight Sad, Frightened Rabbit, Idlewild, My Latest Novel, Arab Strap, The Appleseed Cast, Moving Mountains and more post rock with words/scottish accent bands.

Official site

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day! + more

Get your maypole out, kids. It's May!

Appendix Out (or Appendix: Out) was a one-time moniker and band lead by the scottish folk singer-songwriter, Alasdair Roberts. Some may know him by his solo career or that he is the other guy from Amalgamated Sons of Rest along with indie folk superstars, Jason Molina (Songs: Ohia, etc.) and Will Oldham (Palace Music/Brothers/Songs, Bonnie Billy, etc.) or maybe you know Appendix Out, that's cool too. Well anyways, Appendix Out lasted from about 1994 to 2001 and in that time of releasing a few EPs and full-lengthers, the band also released a limited edition CD called 'Travels in Constants Vol. 13' (right around the end of their tenure as a band) which is the name of the now defunct recording collection series by Temporary Residence records that was essentially a big studio release version of Peel Sessions or like the In the Fishtank series. In other words, it was just a cool little thing that Temporary Residence would do by inviting artists from and outside of their label to come and record some stuff. But enough about that, it's what is inside that matters here.

What is inside exactly, is perfect music for this season and/or the month of May in general. With Robert's scottish accent and laid-back folk landscape that is either accompanied by little sound collages or interrupted by spoken word and even the time and temp lady, there is so much to take from this album. I'm not even joking about the time and temp thing either; I swear the female voice in the song, "Daylight Saving, Gibson Room (Part Two)" says, "today is Tuesday... May...". Wait a minute... today is tuesday... and it's May... and this album's about the first day of May...  and it's the first day of May...! It's crazy to believe, I know, but it's true. Honestly though, I have been trying to figure out this album out and its story it tells for some time now, especially the song, "Speech" about May 1st festivities that are either called 'melting day' or 'belting day'. I'm really not sure which one it is and if it is a real thing, but I find the speech itself very interesting, maybe even more so due to another scottish band, There Will Be Fireworks who have a very simular sample/speech in the hit song, "Columbian Fireworks". The speaker sounds exactly the same in both band's songs and even mentions festivities and kids getting excited. Yep, I'm going to leave it that way... 

What I'm really trying to say here, is this: this album is perfect for May Day and this time of the season (or 'that time of the season' as I like to call it), it's full of fun little noises and samples, and has a nice spring time folk flare to it. I haven't even really listened to a lot of Appendix Out's stuff other than this and I'm not sure how I even came across it... All I know is that I have it and listen to it every May Day.

All jokes aside, check out the Travels In Constants releases. bands like Explosions in the Sky, Mono, Mogwai, Low, Jason Molina as Songs: Ohia, Papa M, and even Rumah Sakit have really sweet Travels In Constants releases.