Thursday, September 20, 2012

Efff Now Denial

Now Denial - Fuck Now Denial (2010)

Ungodly good hardcore from Mass. Not to be confused with The Now-Denial of German hardcore fame.

They deserve more attention for being ten years old. Give it up.

Especially for this release.

PS: Did I mention they received this pretty punk award (below) from the Boston Phoenix this summer....?


Official site

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pelican Post Motel

Just thought I'd mention that I'm not dead and also mention how interesting the new Pelican album is.

The new Pelican album is pretty interesting. There. I said it.

Pelican - Ataraxia/Taraxis (2012)

But seriously, this new EP by the Windy City post metal militia, Pelican, is equally a new experience for them as it is for us. With the album's conception in multiply different studios and times as well as new sounds in the body of their work like laid back instrumentation and even acoustic guitar (not a first, however*), Pelican created a fresh little album for us while experimenting with new ways of working and making music for themselves. For that I thank them. Post metal, post rock or instrumental music can be a very daunting thing at times - especially today when there is a thousand different ( and I use that word loosely) bands that can play a heavy riff over and over again without a singer anywhere insight - so, yeah, it's always nice to hear something new and interesting from such a band that could just pull out days and days of sludgy, walls of sound, metal. There's nothing wrong with that but it's even better that they challenged themselves to try new things (that totally don't suck) and progress. The use off acoustic instruments and taking a step back from the heaviness may have been done in previous works of theirs before but it is still very interesting to hear it as a much more focused element than just a slight interlude of album break. The boys in Pelican are definitely doing nothing but good as a band right now and I look forward to hearing what they have for us next. 

*Other acoustic oriented Pelican tracks I can of right now would be, "Wind With Hands" from City of Echoes (2007), the untitled track from Fire In Our throats Will Beckon the Thaw (2005), and the untitled track from Australasia (2003) which is one of my favorite Pelican tracks as well as one of my favorite songs featuring the majestic singing saw. All these tracks are really damn good and probably the reason I find this EP more interesting the must of Pelican's last album.

PS: This mug will hopefully be posting a MONDAY XXXXX soon and it will be read as XXXXX x2 or something stupid like that as I missed it this week and owe it to myself and all of the internet world to get it out there and with much more as it's the big five-o and such. I had sort of the ability to squeeze a Monday post out this Monday but honestly I don't have a lot of material right now and it wouldn't feel right. Sometimes squeezing and not feeling right just means you are doing it wrong...

Also, this blog is a whole year old. Yeah! so much for a big post, whatever. Next year will have to do. here's to being a year old! OOH-RAH!

PSS: Pelican Post Motel is a motel in Bradenton Beach, Florida. It's rated 2 stars on

Official site
Bandcamp (Track 3, "Lathe Biosas" is free)