Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ted Nguyent - Don't Vote

Ted Nguyent - Don't Vote (2014)

Philly punks, Ted Nguyent got this whole punk rock thing figured out.

From their pizza-themed magnum opus, Pizza & Regret, Ted Nguyent have know moved on to much more thought-provoking themes such as biology, stalking, why Dave (Grohl?) killed Kurt Cobain, the Philadelphia Parking Authority, and, of course, the Temple of Doom and what it would feel like if it was their body.

Get With it.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Never Relaxed

Never Relaxed - Demo (2014)

Never Relaxed are some Portland dudes playing music and getting mad about some stuff.

This is a demo I was really looking forward to listening to for some time now, and have been for the past few months. It's the debut for the four-man hardcore punk outfit out of Portland and it's certainly true to the growing hardcore scene in Maine.

The unique vocals of lead-yeller, Zech is fueled by new and old school hardcore acts from Bad Brains to Bane to Portland's Cruel Hand. Then there's the other guys who, in such a serious genre, are never taking themselves too seriously. Mix it all together and you have a very fresh hardcore band that fits not just in legion halls and VFW posts but also in punk houses and underground jam spots.

Check it out:

Recorded by Leveret's Jesse Gertz.


Sunday, May 4, 2014

NFT's April Mix

Had to take a week off for finals but I'm back. Here's April's mix featuring pizza, 420, parting with Bill Murray, skateboarding, piss, and lots of 90's goodies. That stuff is still cool, right?

Enjoy and happy May!