Monday, March 18, 2013


RIP Jason Molina

Black Mask. - Black Mask. (2012)

Finger licking good hardcore that falls right off the bones! From Pennsylvania.

At first I though this was another Black "something" band but then I saw the period.

Get mad.


Scavenger - Cynical (2013)

Scavenger are a hardcore troupe from northern Maine that are quite reminiscent of early hardcore punk that requires a cassette player and big giant 80's speakers. Not bad, not bad. (#7)

Songs: Ohia - The Lioness (2000)

While clearly not as recognized as Magnolia Electric Co. or as truthfully and down right sad as Axxess & Ace (one of my favorite albums to play when I'm sad), The Lioness definitely has its moments of both sadness and glory that makes it stand out in my top three Jason Molina albums list.

Highlights include: "Lioness", "Being in Love", "Coxcomb Red", and "Nervous Bride"


Joe Beats's remix of "Coxcomb Red":

Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Maine!

In honor of the grand ol' state of Maine for turning the big 193 today, I've decided to pull out some classic local albums that I used to listen to a lot (or at least that I have forgotten about until now).

Also, thank you, Maine for not splitting up into two separate states yet. Remember when that was a concern...

Confusatron - Chewbacalypse Now (2003)

Before ever hearing Hella's Hold Your Horse Is or had ever heard of such things as "math rock", "post rock", "jazz metal", "jazz punk" or any combination of those sub-sub-genres, I had only really heard of Confusatron.

I didn't know what they were, but I remembered their name from hearing it on a local radio station (it was WCYY, clearly) and would play all the music they had on their Myspace just because I loved the name (and the name of the album). And could you blame me? I was still playing with action figures when I heard about these guys, of course I was going to listen to them!

Taking a look back on this album today and I'm actually surprised how much I still enjoy it and how much it can stands up with a lot of other stuff I listen to these days. I mean it's got a mix of punk/metal and jazz, random samples, and random time-signatures - that's more than enough for me to get behind!

Through the discovery of Confusatron back in the day, I also came across a compilation by Entertainment Experiment which featured these guys along with other local bands like Pigboat, Man-Witch, Ghosthunter, and a hand full of others that I have lost track of. Confusatron had a few songs featured on the compilation (released in 2010) including the track "In The Shadow Of The Living Room" which was probably the first "post rock/metal" song I've ever heard and I didn't even know it (though it is also a mix of a bunch of other genres as well). "In The Shadow Of The Living Room" later appeared on Confusatron's 2010 release, Control Alt Destroy.


Covered in Bees - 24 Hour Album (2008)

Another band that was featured in the aforementioned compilation above was this kooky band. By the time the compilation came out though, I was already pretty familiar with Covered in Bees. So familiar in fact that at the time they released this album, which I will go into more detail about, I would have probably named it my favorite album of 2008.

Now why is this album called the 24 Hour Album? Because it's just that. It is an album that was written and recorded - conceived and birthed - in one day. And that was a really really cool thing to me when I first heard of it (once again, on the radio).

With the task of creating a whole album in 24 hours, Covered in Bees did not take their job too seriously and ended up with basically an album filled with random skits, quick quirky songs, genre-bending experiments, and even a song about Hobbits. But I loved it! And hell, I'll still come back to this goofy album from time to time just to get my nostalgia fix.

Covered in Bees called it quits a few years after this album was released but are back now and even playing some shows in the Portland area real soon. This is the part where I would like to tell you they are playing with Andrew WK next month (I know right!!!), but unfortunately that is not the case. Truly a shame, indeed.

Official page

Last Chance To Reason - Lvl. 1 (2007)

I have a theory in life that every genre of music on this planet has a good interpretation of what the genre should be and what it shouldn't. A common example of this would easily be genres like "screamo", a term most used when someone hears music with screaming in it versus "real" screamo which is a mix of emotional hardcore and "real" "emo". Bands like Poison the Well, Alexisonfire, Hawthorne Heights versus bands like Pg.99, Neil Perry, and Orchid. I don't mean to alienate anyone, but hopefully you know which ones are the "good" interpretation (or the "real" thing in this case).

What does this have to do with Last Chance To Reason,  a technical metal band from Augusta, Maine? Because LCTR has been the only band I know to be a good interpretation of technical progressive metalcore.

When I first heard these guys in 2007 or 2008, I hadn't listened to a lot of metal, but I had heard a lot of "metal" that I didn't like. LCTR though, had a lot of things going for them that were sort of like the "grindcore", "death metal", "progressive metal" bands that I had heard of and didn't enjoy, but something about the way that LCTR did it, it just made sense and I could actually listen to it without cringing. You know, that cringing feeling you get when your friends put on a Suicide Silence album to honor their fallen hero, well, LCTR didn't do that to me. Instead, I would just listen to these guys rather than force myself to get into over bands that these guys were opening up for like Unearth, Faceless, Job for a Cowboy, and Dying Fetus.

Anyways, Lvl. 1 is still an album I listen to once and a while when I'm feeling down about not forcing enough metal into my eardrums. It's not as popular as their second release, Level 2, which features a bit more of their love for electronics, softer singing vocals, and gaming - including a video game that actually goes with the album! I'm not sure how many other bands can say that they created a video game to go with their album, so that's pretty metal all by itself.

As far as I know, Last Chance To Reason are still out there somewhere getting awesome and playing video game infused technical metal! Unreal.

PS: Supposedly LCTR are also featured in a documentary called, Why You Do This - but I have yet to watch it.

Official site

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Pie Day!

The Rock's gonna tell you little story about Pie...

"Ohhh, that's the pie you were talking about..." - Slick Rick (yes, thee Slick Rick or Slick Rick fame)


Monday, March 11, 2013


Happy 311 day.

Here's some stuff that might sound like 311 if they were sped up/slowed down/mixed using an iPhone/had different members/weren't into colors/streaked more/were more distorted/were more like Weezer or Cap'n Jazz or Captain Beefheart or early Metallica/didn't twinkle as hard/weren't from Nebraska/had an album coming out this year/weren't on your mom's iPod/etc.

Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass - New Songs Summer 2012 (2012)

Clearly I'm behind on my Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass listening as I just got word that they have had new songs out on their Bandcamp since last summer. Regardless of all that though, there's no better time like the present to listen to some guilt-free music like Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass.

Did I mention that most of the money you give towards Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass's music goes to his friend in Cambodia's small school he started to help educate and nourish children in the village with art and science? Of course I didn't; I was saving the best news for last!

For real though, check it out!

We Scare Coyotes - PF Flyers DEMO (Live Recording) (2013)

I found out about these guys after checking out the predominately math rock blog, Plenty of Swords. I was initially turned on to this band in particular due to the description of them being a math rock band with strings (I'm guessing a violin). And even though I would say that We Scare Coyotes are bit more post rock than the average math rock outfit these days, they definitely incorporate the violin very nicely into their instrumental music on this live demo titled after those shoes the kids were wearing in The Sandlot.

This release is still much more post rock-y than their 2012 live demo, Wild Dreams which does not feature any strings if my ears serve me correctly. Still a decent listen for any instrumental/post rock/whatever fan out there, however.

Jakob Battick & Friends - Last Songs (2013)

Jakob Battick & Friends may have called it quits in 2011, but it was definitely not the last time we would hear from the likes of either Jakob Battick or his "Friends" - including Jared Fairfield who seems to be appearing just as much on here as Jakob Battick lately. Not to mention that these last four songs by JB & Friends were originally set to be on a split with Jared Fairfield that never happened.

It almost seems like a crime that Jakob Battick and his friends put out such a phenomenal post-humorous release like this on top of all the other stuff Jakob Battick is up to currently (Captain Hollow, new Afraid stuff, etc.) as well as Jared Fairfield (who recently made this). Stop teasing us like you guys should be together still and have so much creativity, okay?

Rumor also has it that Jakob Battick's new project as Afraid will feature Jarboe. That's right, The Living Jarboe from Swans. This is just a rumor as of now, but just crazy enough to be true! When and if it ever happens you can be sure to see here, no doubt.

As for the music itself, these last four songs of Jakob Battick & Friends legacy are probably their best. They know it, too. And while I always enjoyed their other work, this is really some pretty nifty stuff that I can put on constant rotation.

So find yourself a big dark room to sit in and listen to these last four hunting post folk medleys until your bones can no longer take it anymore and you must draw the curtains back and let life return to your body. Except you don't, and your body just stays in equilibrium until your new life begins before your very own eyes.

Or listen to it like a normal person would. I don't care.

Other Friends from JB & F's past: Mark Dennis, Ryan Higgins, Marisha Drown, Nate Pronovost, Milo Moyer-Battick, Dan Littlefield, Johnathan Downs, and more!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Brave Bird full-length!

Brave Bird - Maybe You, No One Else Worth It (2013)

Brave Bird, yes the Ready or Not Brave Bird from way back in 2010, are still alive and well (and on tour even). This is their first full-lengther, Maybe You, No One Else Worth Is out now on Count Your Lucky Stars.

If you didn't like their EP, Ready or Not (posted way way way back in the day) I would still give these guys a listen. Chances are that you didn't like the vox, I know I know, but the vocals are a little more sustainable now that things are polished up. If you loved Ready or Not on the other hand, I highly suggest you get this album! Even if you don't like the other songs, they still have a few from their fateful 2010 release. If you really liked the song, "See You Next Year" though, you are shit out of luck; that song didn't make it. Sorry. There is "I'll See You at the Ring of Fire" however, which is the closer and also acoustic just like "See You Next Year".

If you do decide to give these guys a chance, I highly recommend getting yourself a nice big cookie and a tall glass of milk... Because if you ever needed an excuse to binge on cookies and milk alone in your room, this album is the perfect reason.


Because I said so.

...and because that's what I'm doing right now...

Or about to...

Okay. I am.

Highlights: Oh, you know.

Count Your Lucky Stars

Monday, March 4, 2013


Spring Breakout Edition.

Welkin Dusk - Born Into a Dying World (2011)

Furious blackened crust/trash metal from Chicago.

Trust Fall - My Thoughts Exactly (2012)

Twinkly/nood emo with a dark side...

They think they are kvlt.

Nasty Negligee - Level 3 (2012)

Trashy garage rock 'n' roll conducted by Portland's Sterling Black.

Friday, March 1, 2013

NFT's February Mix

NFT February mix:

Just a reminder:

If you are curious as to what NFT was listening to that can't be found on Spotify, I highly recommend checking out this blog's side project/experiment NFT Presents: Song and Match of the day

The site currently needs a little updating so posts will randomly start appearing were there wasn't posts before... Just something to look out for I guess.