Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ignominy - Come Abuse

Ignominy - Come Abuse (2013)

Ignominy are a band from Sweden that used to play hardcore but now make sludgy blackened post metal. Through the beating drums and sludgy distortion comes spiraling guitar work; a sound that will quickly get your attention. From the very beginning, Ignominy introduce you to the wonders that their instruments can make when they guide you into a storm of electronic swells. Eventually you find yourself in a dark place with no direction and things are getting intense, then you let the storm take over you. Now you're in the eye of the storm, but it's not so bad, it's actually kind of peaceful in a dark, melancholy kind of way. You sit back as the water consumes your vessel and you become completely submerged. You didn't even bother to put your gumby suit on. You are just sinking as chaos and panic ensues around you.

Once you get to the second song though, you realize you still can't breath underwater and you want to live. So comes this intense burst of emotion as water starts to build up in your lungs and you are fighting to get to the surface. Luckily, by the power of music, you are sky-rocketed (err, sea-rocketed) up to the surface and spat out of the ocean's mouth. After that it's really up to you; a choose your own adventure of heavy and doom-y proportions.

Sounds pretty cool, right?

Come Abuse is Ignominy's newest release and is free for everyone on the internet to listen to and own. So grab this album from the link above and enjoy the shameless trip.

Highlights: listen to this album from beginning to end. Twice.



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