Thursday, April 23, 2015

Øjne / Rainmaker Split

Rainmaker / Øjne - Split (2015)

Milano's always fresh screamo outfit, Øjne have teamed up with another European screamo outfit, Rainmaker from Eslöv, Sweden to bring you a two song split. It might only be two tracks each, but this is some top-level Euro skramz.

Rainmaker's track:

Øjne's track:

Also, while this split is free in digital form, I just peeped what the physical copy looks like and boy does it put any record from Record Store Day last weekend to shame. Here's the pic via Dog Knights Productions' Facebook:

Now that's a record worth getting and keeping.

Facebook (Rainmaker)
Facebook (Øjne)
Bandcamp (Rainmaker)
Bandcamp (Øjne) (Rainmaker) (Øjne)

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