Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday IX

Damn, Monday again.

Dirty Dishes - Dirty Dishes (AKA In The Clouds) (2009)

Massachusetts' indie rock/shoegaze Dirty Dishes. Not a huge fan of "shoegaze" or the term but I do like what I'm hearing from these folks right here. This band has a good use of not too much dizzy guitar work and plenty of intoxicating female vocals.

They tour with Grass is Green sometimes which is chill.

I do enjoy the term "melongaze" however.

Enemies - Alpha Waves (2008)

Irish math/post rock. This is their EP Alpha Waves. No brainer.

Leech - The Stolen View (2007)

Really chill and textural post rock. There's so many bands in the post rock game right now that it gets tough deciding which are being under appreciated and which are generic. Leech seems to be the former.

Thought I was going to say that they suck?

Because leeches suck...

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