Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday VIII

It's Monday again. Here's some stuff I trolled with my internet fingers.

These guys got the skills to pay the bills. Kinda post-hardcore. Kinda punk pop. All around catchy bullshit. 

These guys also play(ed) with Dan Drake (of Monster Machismo/ The Dan Drake Ensemble) which sounds super rad as well. 

James Clayton plays a kind of anti-folk influenced by punk and outsider music. I like to call it acoustic. Whatever it is, I can handle it. It's pretty simple and sentimental (more to him than me really).  

The only thing I don't like is that name. 

If you've ever lost a friend or lover and "Welcome To Castle Irwell" doesn't touch you in some way... I feel bad for you son. 

Female fronted scream heavy music from Chicago. The lo-fi sounding vox give this band a little of their own character which is always a thrill these days. I can't promise you'll like it but if you're feeling angsty and tired of the boys yelling... I'd suggest Punch suffix. 

Spoken Word from New York. Influenced by La Dispute/The Exploration/Listener. Doesn't really sound like anyone of those bands in particular or "twinkly" as I keep reading on and on from their Bandcamp and The speaker's voice does however remind me of something... I just can't put my finger on it. 

These guys are fresh and very much in the demo stages of their career. All of which can be found on their Bandcamp. Worth the listen. 

Autumn is years away...

Grass is Green - Yeddo (2010)

Grass is Green is mega tight. Every time I see these guys I am envious that they are not from Maine. The fact that these guys always (maybe not always but it feels like it to me) seem to find their way up to Maine, however, is still really awesome and I am always (always) thankful to see them back up here and bringing the muckerfothering ruckus with them. 

They play all that post stuff that the kids love these days with their amps turned up to 11 and beyond! 

Remember the name. They'll be back.

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