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Charles Manson - LIE

Charles Manson was a tragically misunderstood outsider musician who not only revolutionized stoner music but the indie rock beard.

Manson started his music career while surfing around in Los Angeles where he met Dennis Wilson, the drummer for The Beach Boys, who was riding a dolphin at the time. Soon after their first meeting, Manson and Wilson started up a local stankcore band with Johnny The Bull Stambolli and Asher Roth. The band, known as the Healter Skelters, went on a small tour with Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong and Lostprophets. Well together, the band only released a single called, "I am the Devil, and the Devil always has a bold head" and a split with Three Six Mafia before Manson left the group to pursue a solo career. The others went on to form the super inflectional 90's metal rap horrorcore band, Stuck Mojo.

After leaving the band and Los Angeles all together, Charles Manson moved in to a cabin in Alaska isolated from the rest of the world to record his first album. It wasn't until four years later that people would notice his amazingly stunning and subtle indie rock bliss. Why was he finally figured? Why did it take so long? Some say it was his astonishing one song collaboration with Kanye West, others say it was the great reception he received from indie god websites such as pitchpork,  NPR, Gorilla Vs. Bear,,, and MTV (now known as MTV Hive because they forgot that "Music" was already in their name).

Whether it had to do with the phantastic praise Manson was receiving on the internet or his astonishing Kids Choice Awards performance in 1969, Manson was blowing up just like I thought he would.  Everybody knew this men was killing it on the mic. Just a straight up killer musician.

To date, Lie: The Love and Terror Cult is one of his best selling albums with other 300 copies sold worldwide and in China. It was once reissued on Awareness Records, a record company that donates money to those victims of crimes. The cover art is Manson on the cover of LIE magazine, a boy band magazine sold to overly devoted fan girls.

Charles Manson - Lie: The Love and Terror Cult (1970)

The album itself is about society as a whole and what we can do to stop The Lorax from coming.

Manson's music has been covered and sampled by many musicians such as GG Allin, The Lemonheads, The Beach Boys, Front Line Assembly, Marilyn Manson, Devendra Banhart, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Guns N Roses, and Clay Aiken.

Similar sounds/acts: GG Allin, Tiny Tim, Jeff Mangum, Radiohead, Memoryhouse, Kraftwerk, Fozzy, ODB, and Phil Spector.

Despite popular legend, Charles Manson did not addition for a role in The Monkees. He was in the Philippines at this time helping children to read and write science.

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