Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mogli - I Miss You

Mogli (David) is a singer/songer from Halifax who makes some very interesting folk music in a punk ethic/DIY sense that is drenched in accordion and acoustic guitar. I listened to Mogli, yes, kind of like the Jungle Book character but without the 'w', a lot when my friend, Martin died last December and it definitely holds a very emotional value to me. I wanted to show him this or ask him if he's ever heard of them but I never got the chance. This is now however, my chance to tell someone else.

Mogli - I Miss You EP (2009)

My favorite track from her 2009 release, 'I Miss You' is, "Back To You" hands down. Track 5, "Snowstorm" is also a Wintersleep cover. And along with the really anti-twee sounding vocals, I really like all that accordion. It's so good.

Love me some singing saw as well.

Mogli is also apart of the Nova Scotian bands, Ants & Anchors, Snail Party and Jackfish. Or at least friends with them.

Similar acts/sounds: fairy boy, Snail Party, Squinch Owl, byron., Mistake Makers, Jellybean!, Jackfish, Rosa, Foot Ox and more or less bands I could name that either have a female singer, an accordion, or are DIY folk, but not Mogli. Only Mogli is Mogli.

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